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About the location

We are the Officers’ Christian Fellowship group at the U.S. Naval Academy. We have a heart to grow members of the military in their Christian faith and connect them to other believers in fellowship. The USNA branch of OCF is focused on fostering the spiritual growth of midshipmen in Annapolis.

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USNA: Highlights from July

Leading a Bible study called “Walking the Wise Walk at USNA." During this time we are able to encourage and connect with many more during the fellowship between Sunday morning services and Bible study.

USNA: Highlights from September

OCF Tuesday night continues to be a great opportunity for the midshipmen to gather for fellowship and connecting around a home cooked meal.

Highlights from August

The Chaplain’s hosted a kickoff rally to introduce the different Protestant Chaplain Religious Activities (CRA). The event was a fellowship dinner of nearly 600 midshipmen and officers.