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Terry VirtsDuring a seven-month period in 2009-10, four — count ’em — four OCF members were in space, three of whom piloted consecutive Space Shuttle missions!

In November 2009, CAPT Barry Wilmore, USN, flew Atlantis in an eleven-day mission where he and fellow crew members delivered critical spare parts to the International Space Station.

And the ISS’s Expedition 22 Commander? OCF member COL Jeff Williams, USA, who was in space 167 days from September 2009 until the foillowing April.

Jim DuttonEndeavour‘s February 2010 mission, taking parts for an observation deck and a new room for the ISS, was piloted by Col Terry Virts Jr., USAF.

The very next space shuttle mission was in April with former OCF Council member Col Jim Dutton, USAF, piloting Discovery, taking a module filled with science racks for use in the ISS’s’ laboratories.