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Episode 012 show notes

In this episode of Crosspoint, we chat with Col James Moschgat, USAF (Ret.), who is the deputy commandant, National Security Space Institute, Peterson AFB, Colorado. He’s a 1977 USAFA graduate, flew F-4s and F-15s during a distinguished career, and retired in 2007. He and his wife, Becky, have four children.

Col Moschgat is also well-known for his story of Army Master Sergeant William Crawford, a Medal of Honor recipient whose job as squadron janitor at the Air Force Academy inspired Col Moschgat to pen 10 lessons in leadership. Those lessons appeared in COMMAND in 2012, and you can also read the article here.

Col Moschgat’s 10 leadership lessons form the basis of today’s story of military life at the intersection of faith, family, and profession.

Also mentioned in this episode are both OCF conference centers: Spring Canyon and White Sulphur Springs. At the time of this recording, both conference centers have started summer programming, but no matter the time of year, there are usually activities going on at both conference centers. If you are interested in learning more about the various programs, or if you want to get more information about scheduling your next group retreat at one of the locations, click one of the links below:

Spring Canyon
White Sulphur Springs

Episode Outline

  • [2:45] About Col Moschgat
  • [4:04] Col Moschgat talks about the first time he met Bill Crawford
  • [5:18] Col Moschgat talks about the day he found out about Bill’s Medal of Honor
  • [6:51] More about Bill’s story, including his friendship with actor Robert Mitchum on the set of “Anzio”
  • [10:12] News about Bill’s Medal of Honor spreads among the USAF cadets
  • [12:19] Starting 10 Lessons in Leadership; No. 1, Be Cautious of Labels.
  • [13:34] No. 2, Everyone Deserves Respect.
  • [14:14] No. 3, Courtesy Makes a Difference.
  • [15:15] No. 4, Take Time to Know Your People.
  • [16:08] No. 5, Anyone Can Be a Hero.
  • [17:07] No. 6, Leaders Should Be Humble.
  • [18:04] No. 7, Life Won’t Always Hand You What You Think You Deserve.
  • [19:03] No. 8, No job is beneath a Leader.
  • [20:09] No. 9, Don’t pursue glory; pursue excellence.
  • [22:23] No. 10, Life is a Leadership Laboratory.
  • [24:12] Col Moschgat talks about how he developed the 10 leadership lessons
  • [26:45] Quote: “There are not just 10 leadership lessons…there are thousands.”
  • [29:20] Books or resources: Try to read a book a month. One of most impactful books for Col Moschgat has been “Band of Brothers” by Steven Ambrose (not an affiliate link). Besides books, more importantly, talk to vets and hear their stories. “You can glean a lot of wisdom from just sitting down with folks and hearing what they have to say.”
  • [31:14] Final question for Col Moschgat, who reveals some have been critical of his leadership lessons, calling them a soft leadership style.

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