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Episode 21 show notes

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what it looks like to support the chaplaincy, which is one of the 8 pillars of OCF’s ministry.

OCF Managing Editor Karen Fliedner recently chatted with CH(COL) Marc Gauthier, US Army, retired, about what supporting the chaplaincy looks like from the perspective of a chaplain.

During their conversation, Chaplain Gauthier shares his story of how God called him into the military to serve as a chaplain, how to encourage chaplains outside the Christian faith, a story of what it looks like when a leader integrates his faith and profession, and his thoughts on who the two loneliest people are in the military, and why.

Conversation outline

[1:55] Marc shares more about his life before the military and his conversion to faith: “If someone would have come up to me when I was 20 and said, you one day are going to be an army chaplain, I would have looked at him really strange and said, what are you smoking?”

[4:42] Marc feels a longing to devote more time to vocational ministry and transitions out of active duty.

[5:34] What is supporting the chaplaincy and why is it so important?

[6:28] “The two loneliest people in the military are the commander and the chaplain.”

The two loneliest people in the military are the commander and the chaplain.

[8:19] A chaplain is called outside the walls of the church, inside the walls of a battalion or brigade or other organizations.

[9:30] The importance of partnerships between ministries like OCF and the chaplaincy.

[11:14] How have you seen and experienced OCF coming alongside to support the chaplaincy?

[12:36] A challenging time for chapels.

[15:10] Ways that believers can support the chaplain.

[16:50] Marc recounts times when the body of Christ mobilized for prayer, study, and fellowship.

[20:31] “What a blessing and an encouragement it has been for me to be in those environments and to see those folks receive and get what it means to be a disciple for Christ while wearing the uniform serving their country.”

[21:19] Important things to know about the chaplaincy and how it operates.

[25:06] What if a chaplain’s faith doctrinally differs greatly from your faith?

[26:36] Other responsibilities for chaplains when dealing with others of different faiths.

[29:05] A Muslim chaplain’s observation about Marc.

[31:04] Marc’s life verse and how he lives out his faith.

[33:26] How to minister to a commander, one of the two loneliest people in the military.

[36:38] The commander, the lunch meeting, and the prayer breakfast.

[38:47] “It’s just a beautiful example of the radiant powerful influence of a leader who integrates faith and godliness to who they are and the collateral blessing in the reverberation in really amazing ways that they can see an impact made for how they lead for Christ.”

[39:20] What’s left once you take off the uniform?

[40:58] Books that Marc recommends (no affiliate links).

[41:12] “The Gospel Comes With A House Key,” by Rosaria Butterfield

[42:46] “To the Golden Shore,” a biography about the life of Adoniram Judson

[43:48] “In the Name of Jesus,” by Henri Nouwen

[45:03] “Read the things that grow and cultivate and challenge your soul and your heart.”

[45:39] Some final thoughts for other chaplains.

[47:34] An experience at the Indian Pentecostal Church service in Kuwait City, and the realization of God’s will for one’s life.

[52:06] “I think everybody has to realize sometimes God’s will for your life is just to shut up and row and to be present and to be faithful, but to be attentive to the opportunities that God brings up as you move across that way and across that direction.”

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