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Show Notes

In this episode, we chat with Dr. David Kim, a physician, founder, and current CEO of Beacon Christian Community Health Center in New York, and discuss the emotion-fueled train vs. the truth-fueled train; the effects of social media on both of these trains; 3 questions every Christian should able to answer, as well as learning more about how Dr. Kim’s ministry model at Beacon Health relates to integrating faith in all areas of your life as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

This conversation is a condensed version of what he presented during his week as guest speaker at White Sulphur Springs. During our conversation, you’ll hear us refer to a few diagrams that Dr. Kim had drawn on a whiteboard as we chatted. We’ve included them here in the show notes.

There’s also a brief mention of OCF’s conference center ministry, which provides nearly year-round programs and activities. Be sure to check out the website for both conference centers for more information: Spring Canyon and White Sulphur Springs.

Conversation outline

[3:03] A little bit more about Dr. David Kim’s personal, professional, and spiritual background.

[4:56] Dr. Kim explains what is CMDA (Christian Medical& Dental Associations) and the collaboration with OCF.

[6:31] An introduction to the theme at WSS that week: “How to be a faithful presence in an angry and polarized world.” Dr. Kim begins to explain the train diagram.

[7:55] Next stop: a self-justified existence.

[9:22] A closer look at the Truth-fueled train.

[10:52] What is Shalom and how does it figure into God’s plan for our lives?

[11:45] The world applies convenient “truth” to life instead of absolute Truth.

[13:13] God’s plan for our “individuality,” and how an emotion-fueled community is detrimental to that plan.

[15:17] Do we as a society still believe in agreeing to disagree on a point? Or is disagreement equated with “hate”?

[17:06] The role of technology and social media in the emotion-fueled train.

[18:03] Technology is the modern version of “wine” mentioned in Scripture.

[18:41] The potential pitfall of technology—if not used properly—is how instantaneous communciation is, and how it allows for anonynmity.

Three questions that every Christian needs to ask themselves:

[21:14] 1. What does it mean to be a Christian? Why are you one? This question establishes identity.

[23:54] 2. What does it mean to be a Christian at home, at work, in life? This is the faithful presence question…the integration of your faith in life.

[25:09] 3. How is God calling you to be part of his redemptive plan for the world? This is the calling question.

[26:21] Dr. Kim goes into detail about Beacon Health and its ministry model.

[29:43] “We [are] not health center that happens to be a ministry. We [are] a ministry that happens to be a health center.”

[30:06] The four faces of Beacon Health, the square diagram.

[32:01] Beacon Health begins dealing with tough questions, such as how they deal with people that Christians supposedly “hate.”

[33:31] What it means to create a community of Shalom.

[35:57] A modified square diagram, with military application.

[38:23] The challenges of being a Christian in the military, of practicing a faithful presence.

[40:26] Practical application for this episode: Where should I start?

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