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Episode 24 show notes

Back in 2011, OCF member Anne Borcherding wrote an excellent article for Command magazine titled “Share My Calling.” And in that article, Anne talks about what it means for a military spouse to embrace the calling of the spouse who is serving in uniform.

Anne and I use that article as the basis for our conversation in this episode, as she candidly shares some of the struggles she faced when it came to embracing the idea of a joint calling with her husband.

Here’s the link to the article Anne wrote for Command.

Conversation Outline

[1:38] A little more about Anne Borcherding.

[2:40] Rob and Anne’s story began right after college during a first meeting in New York.

[4:21] Let’s define “calling,” and have you speak into why a “joint calling” is so important.

[5:51] During a difficult period of marriage, Rob shared this: “This isn’t just a job for me. This is my calling, and I need you to share my calling.” Anne relates the context of that comment and overall conversation.

[8:13] Anne shares how she viewed being a military spouse early in their marriage.

[9:15] You didn’t immediately embrace this idea of a shared calling. Why not?

[10:33] How God began to change her mind about what it meant to be a military spouse in their circumstances.

[17:27] Anne further discusses the process of God changing her outlook of being a military spouse.

[22:07] There were a series of tough questions Anne asked herself during the time God began to change her heart.

[26:58] Once you embraced the idea of a joint calling, did things get easier?

[27:52] Some practical applications and suggestions for those struggling with the idea of a joint calling in their military marriage.

[33:35] Anne offers some final thoughts on why a shared calling is so important.

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