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Episode 28 show notes

“Indivisible” tells the story of Army Chaplain Darren Turner and his wife, Heather—specifically, the events surrounding Darren’s difficult deployment to Iraq in 2007, and the struggles his marriage and his family faced when he returned home.

In this episode, the real-life Darren and Heather Turner join us and openly share the details of their struggles individually, spiritually, and as a couple. It’s a compelling story— especially if you or a loved one have been deployed.

If you missed the movie when it was in theaters, it’s available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download starting January 29. You can get more information online at

And be sure to check out their personal website. The Turners offer speaking engagements for churches, military events, marriage retreats, PWOC, men’s and women’s conferences, and more.

Conversation outline

[1:54] Who are Darren and Heather Turner? Give us an overview of your stories all the way up to present day and where God has you serving now.

[3:42] What was it like seeing even part of your life played out on the big screen?

[5:03] When they first approached you, did the producers indicate what it was about your story that they found compelling, and that they felt would be good for moviegoers to see?

[7:06] Darren gives a summary of his deployment to Iraq in 2007 Iraq.

[9:50] Heather shares key takeaways from her time on the home front while Darren was deployed.

[12:00] Heather reflects on the stress of the mounting casualties to those on the home front.

[13:43] Darren talks about the period of time after he returned home—he didn’t suffer from PTSD, but rather came home with a lot of anger and selfishness.

[18:00] At what point did you both realize, if there isn’t change, this marriage will not last?

[22:14] Darren and Heather talk about the recovery process

[28:34] Both of them said that having a support system was crucial to recovery, and they absolutely needed the support of friends and family, the body of Christ, and chaplains.

[34:13] If you had to do it all over again, what would you as a couple, or as individuals, do differently?

[38:15] If listeners took only one thing away from our conversation today, what would you hope that would be?

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