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Episode 29 show notes

If I were to tell you that as a follower of Christ, it’s important for you—and for all of us—to engage with the culture, what would you think about that? What would engaging the culture look like to you?

Our guest today says Christians typically will fall into one of three patterns when it comes to engaging with the culture:

  1. they will withdraw from the culture.
  2. they will assimilate into the culture.
  3. they will have a heart that is broken for the culture and desires to see individuals transformed by Christ.

Here to share his thoughts on engaging with the culture is Dr. Bill Brown, Senior Fellow of Worldview and Culture at the Colson Center For Christian Worldview.

In our discussion, Dr. Brown will unpack each of those three patterns; talk about some startling trends among those who claim to be religiously affiliated in America; and share some practical ways for us as believers to engage with the culture.

Conversation outline

1:53, Dr. Brown shares his story, where he’s from, how he’s serving the Lord today.

4:05, Dr. Brown shares his fascination with space, with being an astronaut, and with how the universe displays God’s hand.

5:30, What do we mean by “culture,” and once we define that word, what do we mean by “engaging the culture”?

8:06, Being “ambassadors” in Christ and how our identity runs counter-cultural.

10:07, Being ambassadors for the Kingdom, but not being offensive.

13:05, A look at some recent trends in our culture and the challenges we face as believers seeking to engage with the culture (read the complete study here).

“Everybody engages the culture whether they like it or not.”

16:48, Dr. Brown outlines three reactions Christians typically have when it comes to engaging with the culture.

20:53, What does it look like to have a heart that is broken for the culture? Dr. Brown talks about being practical and the challenges that can come with putting this in practice.

25:45, What’s one thing listeners might take away from the conversation?

28:26, Dr. Brown shares a couple resources:

You can contact Dr. Brown by email: [email protected].

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