Episode 34 show notes

Today’s story of military life comes to you from the Uchee Creek Campground and Marina near Ft Benning GA, which was the site of the “5th Annual OCF/VALOR SE Region Retreat.” You’ll hear a conversation between Col Chet Arnold, USMC (Ret.)—who serves as OCF field staff in Pensacola with his wife, Michelle—and Chaplain Bill Appleton, whose 39 plus years in the military include service in the Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard.

Chaplain Appleton is going to focus on the life of Nehemiah and the leadership qualities we need to pay attention to today, and he’ll also share the story of how he became a Christian.

Mark Your Calendars

Next year’s SE Region Retreat is planned for 27-29 March 2020. So be sure to mark your calendars and look for more details on the OCF website as that date gets closer.

What They Talked About

1. CH Appleton shares his story of how he became an ensign in the Navy—and eventually a chaplain—after serving as a gunnery sergeant in the Marines. CH Appleton says he claimed to be an atheist during his first few years as a Marine, but that all changed through the persistent Christlike attitude of a fellow Marine.

2. CH Appleton offers a summary of the different types and qualities of leaders he’s seen throughout his military career.

3. When it comes to living out one’s faith as a leader, CH Appleton says doing things the Marine way—by setting the right example—is what comes to mind, and that’s where the Nehemiah story comes into focus, too.

4. Humility: How can a leader reconcile the biblical notions of being a meek and humble leader with being a strong, commanding presence to the troops? CH Appleton mentions the book “Character Carved in Stone,” which can be found here on Amazon.

5. How does one reconcile their Christian faith with the possibility of taking the life of another human being during combat? Thou shalt not kill, or thou shalt not murder?

6. How do military members talk about their heroes in each of the branches of service? It’s important to view the story of Jesus as a heroic story: Are you doing something for Christ because He told you to? Or are you living for Him because of the sacrifice he made for you?

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OCF Crosspoint is a biweekly podcast produced by Officers' Christian Fellowship and is dedicated to sharing stories of military life at the intersection of faith, family, and profession.

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