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Col Larry and Bobbie Simpson, USAF (Ret.), are University of Kentucky graduates and served twenty-seven years in the Air Force before retiring in 2003. He and Bobbie, who have three children and five grandchildren, “love our work—the high calling and privilege of equipping and encouraging our military and their families.”

This episode narrated by Col Larry Simpson, USAF (Ret.)

Coming in 2020: A new weekly podcast devotional

Welcome to Leader, Draw Near, a weekly podcast devotional for your pursuit of God. I’m Col Larry Simpson, USAF (Ret.). My wife, Bobbie, and I are the field staff reps for OCF Puget Sound and Family Outreach, and I’m author of the book, Leader, Draw Near.

Each weekly podcast devotional is fashioned to prompt reflection on a specific topic. Listeners are encouraged to search out each Scripture reference and to lean into God for more light as He meets you where you are. Each episode ends with a few Points to Ponder, which are perfect for personal reflection, or for use with a mentor or in a small group setting.

Every 4 to 5 weeks, you’re encouraged to work through the questions on our monthly reflection sheet. The reflection sheets are designed to help you gauge your habit of integrating faith and profession, and they will also help get you into the habit of keeping a written record of those times when the Holy Spirit speaks to you. I encourage you to engage each topic throughout the week and to list personal reflections and applications as God touches your heart.

Over the next 53 weeks, you’ll hear a variety of speakers from many different ranks, branches of service, and walks of life.

Many of the devotions were crafted from weekly devotional interaction with active duty military officers and NCOs. Some of the comments and Points to Ponder reflect the hearts and daily efforts of military leaders (both officers and enlisted) who strive to live out their faith in the military and in all they do.

My hope and prayer is that these devotionals will help you enter into a time of self reflection, encouragement, and spiritual transformation as you draw near to God. May He grant that these devotional thoughts fill you with the love and mind of Christ in your pursuit of God.