About Chris

Chris, who served in the Army for 7 years after graduating from West Point, is the lead pastor of Wells Branch Community Church in Austin, TX. He is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate and traveled as an evangelist and missional group trainer with iamsecond.com. Chris is the author of five books. He and his wife, Adrienne, have four sons.

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Chris Plekenpol

With the explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic around the globe in early 2020, a pervasive sense of anxiety and of being overwhelmed has invaded our nation, cities, suburbs, neighborhoods, and families. The fact that this invader is invisible has added to our angst. In this 5-part series, Chris Plekenpol is going to address anxiety, what happens when we don’t get eyes on God, and how to get our focus on Him instead of our fears.

In this series

Each session has a link to watch the video on YouTube, or scroll down to watch video sessions from this site.

Part 1: Eyes On  |  Watch on YouTube
Part 2: Prioritizing Prayer |  Watch on YouTube
Part 3: Peace of God vs Piece of the Pie  |   Watch on YouTube
Part 4: Overcoming Anxiety |   Watch on YouTube
Part 5: Seeing is Believing  | Watch on YouTube