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Simpsons return to OCF as Regional Coordinators

Col Larry and Bobbie Simpson, USAF (Ret.), are back in the OCF saddle as the volunteer Regional Coordinator couple to the Pacific Northwest! This region includes Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Northern California.

Many of you know about the sincere hearts, spiritual maturity, and wealth of experience the Simpsons bring to this new role. They spent 14 years serving as OCF Field Staff, are fully trained marriage and family advocates, and thrived in a very full Air Force career.

Their vision is to develop, grow, and sustain relationships with OCF Area Coordinators, Local Leaders, members, chaplains and ministry co-laborers. You can contact them via email at: [email protected].

Summary of Spring 2021 OCF Council Meeting

By Col Dale Holland, USAF (Ret.)

The OCF Council met at White Sulphur Springs in early April for a weekend of prayer and fellowship. A rich time of Pray, Discover, and Obey (PDO) set the tone for the weekend, enabling quality and quantity discussion for a host of topics.

The OCF Council approved the FY22 annual budget, following an exciting presentation of goals and priorities by the Executive Director. In addition, the Council approved our Strategic Framework 2.0, which provides strategic direction for FY23-27 with increased emphasis on local leaders and individual OCF uniformed serving members.

The Council also refined and approved our OCF distinctives as: Member Led, Dual Calling, and Lifetime Fellowship. Recognition and thanksgiving were offered to God for His blessing to OCF, which includes our facilities.

Good stewardship of His blessings led the Council to approve completion of the 65 percent engineering design work on the old hotel at White Sulphur Springs (Harrison House) to enable future discussions of the possible way ahead for that facility.

Finally, the Council came together in a sweet time of fellowship to honor our outgoing Executive Director couple, Brig Gen David and Lori Warner, USAF (Ret.), and officially welcome Col Scott and Christie Fisher, USAF (Ret.), who came onboard in 2020 after the Warners retired. Thank you for your leadership and faithful service.