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What keeps you from sharing your faith with others? I sat down with Capt Ryan McCary, ANG, to talk about this question and others. Ryan has served 7 years as a TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) Officer. Ryan shares his own story of growing up in a missionary family, joining AFROTC at the University of Central Florida, and debating between military service and vocational ministry. He recounts his own failures to share his faith and how the Lord changed Him through those experiences, then he offers practical steps on how to be bold in your faith today.

Ryan also hosts his own podcast. Check out his MIL SPEC Believer podcast and follow him on Instagram (@mil_spec_believer) to stay connected with Ryan as he continues the conversation about being a Christian in the military and encouraging other believers to be BOLD in their faith, while shedding light on life in the military as a Christian.

If you have an idea for a guest, topic, or story that I should consider for a future episode of the show, send an email to [email protected] or visit OCF’s new “Be a Guest” webpage.

As you listen to this conversation with Ryan, here are a few questions to ponder in your personal time or with a small group or mentor:

  1. How would you define a “testimony”?
  2. When was a time you saw the Lord work through someone sharing their testimony, and why was it so impactful?
  3. How do you stay “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have,” as 1 Peter 3:15 exhorts?
  4. What’s the value of not only reflecting on your story but sharing it as well?
  5. Can God use failure both in your individual story and His bigger story?
  6. What practical step can you take to be bold for Christ and share the story He’s given you?

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