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Interested in working as the Field Staff couple for OCF at The Citadel?

OCF started full-time staff ministry presence at federal service academies in the 1970s. We have also recently added an Associate Field Staff at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Over the years, God has used these ministries to reach and disciple thousands of future lieutenants and ensigns who have gone on to serve as Christ’s ambassadors in their respective branches of the military.

But did you know that ROTC annually produces far more new O-1s than all those academies combined? Each year, approximately 8,000 new officers are sworn in as lieutenants and ensigns at over 460 ROTC “hub” campuses. ROTC represents a huge ministry opportunity! We rely on those who will volunteer to give a few hours a week to reach cadets and midshipmen at nearby campuses.

The last half-dozen years, we have also partnered with Cru Valor and Navigators ROTC to provide more collaborative and expansive ministry coverage. We regularly interact with the leaders of those ministries to ensure we are not working at cross-purposes, competing where we ought to be collaborating. We also share the responsibilities for providing regional ROTC retreats in five locations around the country. As the Lord provides the volunteers, we intend to expand those opportunities to three additional regions.

Critical to this “joint” strategy for reaching ROTC cadets and midshipmen are the six senior military colleges. Together, our combined ministries have thriving ministries through full-time staff, aided by volunteers, at three of those SMCs: Texas A&M, Virginia Military Institute, and Virginia Tech. We have been asking God to raise up additional full-time staff at The Citadel, Norwich University, and University of North Georgia. And we are seeing Him opening doors!

At its April meeting, the OCF Council gave unanimous approval for placing a full-time OCF staff couple – for the first time ever – at The Citadel, in Charleston, S.C. The Citadel maintains a Corps of Cadets numbering approximately 2,500 and annually commissions approximately 180 new officers in all branches of the service. We are excited at the potential this represents for impacting our U.S. military. Please pray that God will raise up a “called couple” who can begin preparing for ministry at The Citadel.

Also, if you or someone you know would like to reach ROTC cadets and midshipmen as a volunteer, please reach out to Dr. Larry Sherbondy at [email protected].