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Professional Excellence (Durfey)

[…]is Semper Paratus, “Always Ready.” Smaller than the New York City Police Department, the U.S. Coast Guard today must carry out economic, environmental, law enforcement and humanitarian missions while serving a key role in national security. A tall order. Its personnel must be “always ready” to respond; the challenge to leaders is to serve those who serve. Those most effective in that role are those who put others’ interests ahead of their own and put their trust in the Lord. By doing so, they exemplify the service’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to duty, and become true servant […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]to known members on deployment and their families.    1000 Hank and Betsy Teuton, U.S. Coast Guard Academy; Bryan and Sherri Burt, U.S. Naval Academy; Tom and Cheri Austin, U.S. Military Academy; Steve and Rita Wade, U.S. Air Force Academy Hank’s dual-purposed, successful plan B worked: the exhausted skunk Hank just scooped out of the swimming pool with a long net is now providing a spiritual lesson for Betsy. Just as the skunk never saw the plywood board put in the pool for him to climb out on, conversely Betsy recognizes that she has been missing God’s outstretched hand offering […]

We Honor Them

[…]killed in Iraq this past weekend. We quickly arranged for the helicopter to take the Army Honor Guard (from the Old Guard, the unit that guards the Tomb of the Unknown) and me to Dover where we arrived to greet the plane. As we waited, the Air Force Honor Guard mounted the arriving airplane, ensured a new and unblemished American flag was draped and secured properly over each “transfer case” (not yet a casket); and then loaded them individually, in a slow and dignified manner, on to a loader to lower them to the tarmac. When they were ready, the […]

Speak my language

[…]courtship. Ten months later we were married—and two days later driving to Rob’s next Coast Guard duty station in Homer, Alaska.   We were as committed to a Christ-centered marriage as any couple could be. Compatibility testing: check. Premarital mentoring: done. Stack of books on Christian marriage: read. Somehow, however, The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman was not on the list. We wish it had been. Though we never questioned each other’s faithfulness, between the separations and daily high-stress of Rob’s new position, we had a much harder time both showing and feeling love. The fact that I […]

Do you have a PCS sponsor—to heaven?

[…]thirty years active duty as a Navy line officer and then as a chaplain at Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard commands, including combat. He led many to Christ and was with others PCSing to their ultimate homecoming. Now serving at a Florida retirement community chapel, Bill and his wife have two sons and five […]
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