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Unity of Command

[…]one last example to illustrate spiritual UOC. In a joint military environment, one commander commands bombers, tanks, and ships. One of those components is no better or worse than any other. They follow and trust the leadership of their one commander. So, too, the church: believers must be loyal to Jesus as the one Commander of His Body. The Body of Christ has many different components, and we don’t always recognize or understand each other’s contributions. We are not all the same, but each of us has an important contribution to our joint spiritual mission. As Christians demonstrate loyalty and […]

Support Your Chaplain

[…]and mutual respect. Provide the chaplain with “Heartbeat of OCF” and a recent copy of COMMAND magazine. Explain that OCF’s mission is to minister to the entire military society under the commander’s authority and chaplain’s leadership. Invite the chaplain to join OCF or visit some OCF activities. Ask (a) what support OCF might provide for the military religious programs and (b) how you, as an OCF member or area leader, might assist the chaplain–and be willing to do so. Seek the chaplain’s support for OCF and related activities through his or her publicity, facilities, materials, and personal participation if possible. […]

The Line Officer and the Chaplain

[…]Christ and on being His church! As you advance in your career, you will one day be a military commander. One or more chaplains will be on your unit’s staff. If you’ve served Christ in chapel programs before your command assignment begins, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how they can help you and a better rapport with them as individuals (Romans 12:10). This will greatly enhance the spiritual ministry that takes place in your command. Your prior experience with chaplains will enable you to reinforce one another rather than compete or conflict. Your guidance to chaplains, and your […]
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