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Members: Cast your vote now for OCF Council

[…]officer, Naval Aviation Schools Command. Ministry involvement: OCF member since 1981, 12 years OCF Council, Council committee chair; local leader Corpus Christi, TX, Newport, RI, Springfield, VT, Pensacola, FL; Bible study; Grace Community Church elder; met with flight school students. Personal testimony: In high school I was invited to youth group by a friend. Eventually I started going to church and at an evening service I saw “Thief in the Night.” It was that night that I became a disciple of Jesus. I believed all the Bible stories as a young child, but never knew Christ wanted a personal relationship […]

OCF Council Elections Now Underway

[…]as five candidates. Vote Yes or No for the proposed OCF Constitution change. At the spring council meeting in April, the Council passed the following motion to amend the Constitution: Motion: That the following amendment to the OCF Constitution be submitted to the membership for approval: “Replace the current OCF Statement of Participation with the following language (changes to current statement indicated by bold underline): ‘I am committed to the Purpose of OCF: to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society. As an expression of […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]around the world, these members devote long hours to the tasks and issues before them.  The Council meeting ended a few hours ago, and Jamie Vandiver and fellow Council member Steve Hoffman have been catching up on life, and about being dads and husbands. Jamie is simultaneously feeling tired and jazzed, overwhelmed and blessed.  Elected hours earlier to replace Kim Hawthorne as Council VP, Jamie stepped outside Spring Canyon’s Hartley Holmes Lodge to pray while surveying the mountain scenery, including “The Hook” on Mt. Princeton. As with so many others serving throughout OCF, Council VP duties add to the numerous […]

Some Thoughts for Christians

[…]the back. He drops into a store-front church where the conversation focuses on how to survive the current administration and then reverse its policies. Is he likely to stay around to listen to the gospel? In conclusion, let me reiterate my basic point. I believe Christians are called to be involved in government and to apply the truths and principles of our faith to the issues of our times. But it is my current belief that because of the limitations of human nature, and therefore the very VUCA environment of human politics, there are very few issues where the Christian […]

How does the Lord see you?

[…]since graduating years earlier. The other fellow talked about how Wheaton had prepared him for his current ministry as a pastor. But in hearing about the lieutenant colonel’s current position, the pastor sighed, what a waste of a Christian education! The lieutenant colonel, knowing perfectly well how God sees and called him, countered with the ways his military service enables him to daily impact lives, feeling God’s pleasure in doing so: counseling a young man on a gun turret about issues at home, or ensuring a family is being cared for during a deployment. The officer’s point—feeling God’s pleasure wherever […]

Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]goals. Do you agree that your promotion and position are from God? How can you actively use your current position and rank to glorify God? What does He expect from you? 4. Attitude A BRIEF look at Peter helps us understand the requirements for a godly attitude, particularly in positions of significant responsibility. Peter had many of the qualities we expect in a military leader. He quickly became a leader among the disciples and often dominated the scene. He was direct, active and decisive. He often was the first to respond to Christ, not only for himself but also on […]
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Know Your Rights!

[…]we. Know that the organization is well managed. The Lord has blessed OCF with a wonderful council that sets the tone for and gives oversight to OCF. Know that there is a responsible governing board and know who those board members are. Elected from the general membership, the entire OCF Council meets twice a year. Know that all appeals for funds are truthful and accurate. The only way we can honor the Lord is by being truthful and accurate. In all our dealings we quietly depend upon the Lord for His help, and not on our own skills (2 Cor. […]

Professional Excellence (Durfey)

[…]Guard aviator, he has had six operational tours with increasing responsibility, culminating in his current assignment as Commander Group Humbolt Bay, where he commands all Coast Guard operations, personnel and material along a 250-mile coastline in northern California. A 1978 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, he holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard University. Commander Durfey is a longtime member of OCF and is a Council Member, Class of 2001. He, his wife, Carolyn, live in Eureka, California, with their daughter, Sarah, and son, […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: Academies

[…]during active duty, and holding varied OCF leadership positions. Tom’s OCF resume includes ROACT Council, and USMA and USAFA ministry teams with Cheri, while Bryan served on OCF Council, and along with Ward Graham and Eric Robyn on several Regional Training Conferences. Ministry in the highly charged academy life world involves scores of activities, including Bible studies, mentoring and discipling, and retreats, mission trips and mission trips. Abundant portions of fellowship, food and fun freely flow through the ministry settings of USNA’s Maranatha Mansion and USMA’s Fellowship House. Tom Austin, Bryan Burt, and their USAFA and USCGA counterparts’ collective ministry […]

Follow Me

[…]Benning, Georgia, as well as on the statue that stands in front of Infantry Hall. Despite such current use of this phrase, the greatest impact it had on the world was when a carpenter-rabbi from the village of Nazareth said it to four fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. The Gospel of Matthew records this incident when Jesus called to Peter and his brother Andrew and said to them, “…’Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men…'” (Matthew 4:19 RSV). As a Christian officer in the military today, I need only look to Jesus for the example to […]
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