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Leadership and the Christian Officer

[…]possible, and should do this with Christian faith and conduct. Lieutenant General William K. Harrison Jr. Lieutenant General William K. Harrison Jr., retired in 1956, after forty-four years in the Army. In 1944-45, he served as Assistant Division Commander of the 30th Infantry Division, which noted historian S.L.A. Marshall rated as the best division in the European Theater during World War II. Later, he was Chief U.N. Negotiator at Panmunjom, Korea, and subsequently served as Commander-in-Chief of the Caribbean Command. General Harrison served as president of Officers’ Christian Fellowship from 1954 to 1972, and as president emeritus until his death […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]to people?’”  John talks to them for a while, and then hands them a copy of General William Harrison’s classic May A Christian Serve in the Military? booklet.   2300 First, a quick stop to Starbucks, then a three-hour drive back to the Sound. And although the trip started off with conversation and event planning, Larry Simpson has spent much of the drive “talking to myself” while Bobbie dozes. Thankful they’re now safely home, delighted with their day’s ministry, in forty-five minutes it’s lights out. The 0520 alarm is coming soon.    2400 OCF’s Council is the ministry’s governing body, […]
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