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Six Generations: 3

[…]fateful battle in 1970. Greg Yahn, Gene Hess, Joe Christopher, Jesse ‘Sal’ Salcedo, Rob Jackson, Steve Harlan and Ted Hooker were plain-talking heroes who gave their all and after Vietnam went about their lives as solid citizens, not asking anything from their country that asked so much of them. Several were severely wounded in ways that profoundly affected the rest of their lives. Joe Christopher suffered from a fragmentation wound to his back during the firefight and then serious injuries to much of his body when the rescue litter he was in dropped from 60 feet up when the evacuation […]

Six Generations: 2

[…]made about fifty yards progress, when he was cut down by machine gun fire.” Rob “Doc” Jackson, Jon’s platoon medic–and now a pastor in Maine–unhesitatingly moved to the front of the column when word came to him that casualties had been sustained. He began intently working on Sgt. Joe Roberts, one of Jon’s squad leaders, as Jon lay five feet away. Both men were seriously wounded from the initial enemy fire. Roberts had taken two bullets in the chest and Doc feverishly tried to stop the flow of blood, deal with the “sucking chest wound” that comes from penetrations of […]
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