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Leadership Moments: Are You Leading?

[…]the mission through. Simply acting or reacting is not necessarily an effective leadership quality. Leading entails helping people see the bigger picture when “it must happen this way.”   3 Points to Ponder How do you respond to inaccurate or injurious comments? Do you fire back with insults, or are you exercising servant leader restraint? (1 Peter 2:23) How effectively do you take the spiritual high road when resolving conflicts? (James 1:20, Proverbs 15:1) When project goals are seemingly being thwarted, do you entertain the idea that God can also work through this opposition? (Romans 8:28, Acts 8:1)   More […]

Support Your Chaplain

[…]military members and families transfer often, a chaplain always needs solid Christian men and women to provide chapel leadership for Sunday school classes, Bible studies, women’s ministries, community service projects, and other activities. This is true when military members deploy and especially for chapel programs serving military installations and family members. The military settings are often a mission and ministry field where the harvest is plenty but the workers are few… [and has not] the Lord of the harvest sent workers [us] into His harvest field? 3 Your Ministry as an Officer Encouragement to Other Christians A Chief of Staff […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]Bibles and neon power drinks. But together they are examining what the Bible says about leading wisely and handling temptation.    1800 The heartbeat of OCF—small group fellowships—are in full swing across the continental U.S. Deep in the heart of Texas, they’re enjoying the praise night underway at Fort Hood, an aspect of Aaron and Joyce Zook’s OCF ministry also serving as a garrison event in support of the chaplaincy. Aaron has melded a rich variety of worship styles into one unified Body of Christ worshipping God. The worship styles include traditional, contemporary, Hispanic, or gospel, as well as praise […]
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