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Ellsworth, Rapid City

Local Leader:  Luke and Mkay Anderton Email: [email protected] Phone :  901-834-0875 Additional Information:   Meeting on Thursday nights @ 1700. We are a family friendly group-kids welcomed. We aim to do a potluck before dinner for fellowship and follow up with a Bible study. Co-leader is Mkay Anderton. Email: […]

Central Oklahoma-Southern Kansas-North Texas

Area Coordinator: Col Tim and Jennifer Hale , USAF(Ret) Email: [email protected] Phone: (585) 220-9613 Additional Information: I am happy to help connect anyone in the southern mid-west region with a fellowship! From ROTC cadets/midshipman to retired families like mine, we all NEED to be engaged in Christian fellowship in order to grow closer to Him, to be better leaders, better family members and resilient […]

Grand Forks AFB, ND

Local Leader:  Capt Ben & Shelley Godsey, USAF Email:(Ben: [email protected]  , Shelley: [email protected]) Phone:(Ben: 253-778-2550 or  Shelley: 253-778-2551) Additional Information: 2nd and 4th Sundays from 1700-1900 My wife and I will be hosting a 6-part study on “The Concept of ‘Calling’ and its Relevance to the Military Professional” with a focus on military families. Base access is required, as we are hosting this study in our home. In order to support the desired family demographic, we will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, will be offering dinner from 1700-1800, then shifting to a focused discussion from 1800-1900. Both time […]

Rock Island Arsenal, IL

Local Leader : COL Jess and Sarah Curry, USA Email:  [email protected] Phone: (931) 561-9288 Additional Information:  Saturdays or Sundays, contact for more information. Currently gathering with family fellowships once a month. All soldiers and civilians associated with the Arsenal and their families are […]

Twenty Nine Palms

[…]LtCol Steve & Mrs. Abby Haack , USMC Email:  [email protected] Phone: (757) 472-8700 OCF contacts are available to provide local information. New 29 Palms residents, living aboard base in Ocotillo Heights. Seeking Christian fellowship/small group, willing to facilitate/lead once we find the fellow believers out here in God’s beautiful desert. We know you are out […]

Scott Air Force Base

Local Leader :  Capt Suzanna Palmer ,USAF Email: [email protected] Phone:  (321) 271-0343 Date & Time: 1st Sunday of the Month at 1100 CST. Our group, led by Capt Suzanna Palmer, Capt Tyler Almquist, and Mrs. Cherith Almquist,  will be hosting a fellowship brunch  at Golden Oak Pancake House, 4519 N Illinois St, Swansea, IL 62226. Cadets, Reserve, Guard, Retired, Active Duty, Military Supporters, and Allies, all are welcome! We meet to encourage one another in the Great Mission that Christ has commissioned while serving our country. Come join […]

Langley AFB

Local Leaders : Capt Jennifer Cutler & Steve Cresswell Email: [email protected] Phone:  (508) 825-4157 Day & Time: Thursdays at 1800 – 2000 (1800 dinner, 1900 study) Additional Information:  Back up POC is Dr. Sam Tate  [email protected] We are the Peninsula OCF, servicing members who are in the Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown and surrounding areas. We provide a time for a weekly potluck and fellowship at 1800, and study from 1900 – 2000. We want to make sure people know that they are welcome to come at any time that is convenient for them, even if that means showing up at […]

Hampton Roads Region

AREA COORDINATORS: LCDR Chris and Mollie Beuligmann, USN (Ret) Email: [email protected] Phone:   (757) 639-4140 Area Coordinator couple for Southside Hampton Roads area. Please reach out if you are new to the area looking for fellowship, a place to sleep, or a hot meal. Serving Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and […]

Schofield Barracks

Contact: 2LT Audrey McDaniel , USA Email: [email protected] Phone:  (630) 796-1340 OCF contacts are available to provide local information. If you are new to the island or visiting for a time (ROTC, USMA) I would love to help get you plugged in with a great group of believers! We have a wonderful church community that is quickly growing. Non-regular fellowship opportunities happening as […]

Camp Lejeune

Local Leaders:  Capt Vinnie and Mrs  Tara Curley , USMC Email: [email protected]  or [email protected] Phone: (912) 441-1233 Day & Time: Fridays at 1800 , Dinner provided- meals on rotation from hosts and regular attenders of the study. Kids are welcome- current attending families have kids from six months to young adulthood (15-19) that […]

Camp Humphreys

Local Leaders:  COL Chad & Elizabeth Ramskugler USA, Email: [email protected], Phone: Please reach out to me at 010-3219-6698 , Additional Information: (Due to COVID restrictions no home study at this time ) Meeting Friday Evenings, @1830 at Pacific Victor Chapel, corner of 11th Street and 2nd Infantry Division Avenue by the Popeyes & Burger King Drive […]

Carlisle Barracks

Local Leader: CH(COL)Doug and Sarah Ball, USA, Email: [email protected], Phone: (719) 362-7485, Day & Time : Sunday @ 1800 to 2000, Focused on and open to all Army War College AY22 Students and Families. We meet weekly for food, fellowship, bible study, and prayer. Link up at the Carlisle Chapel (outside at the Pavilion during decent weather) – we start with the larger group and then break into smaller discussion […]

Camp Hansen

Local Leaders: Michael & Keri Pittman Email: [email protected] Phone:(757) 358-1032 Day & Time: Friday Nights at 1800, Additional Information: We are located in Kin Seaside Village. please text before coming so we can give you more detailed directions. Kids and all ranks and duty status are welcome. We will provide dinner and fellowship from 1800 to 1900 and bible study till […]


Country Coordinator : Matt and Heather McWhirter , Email : [email protected] , Phone:  WhatsApp +1-206-234-4850   German Cell +49 1522 9892794, Additional Information: Heather and I are happy to assist anyone moving to Germany. Please reach out if you have any questions and will do our best to provide answers or get you to the right […]

Ramstein Air Base

Local Leaders: Jessica & Michael Rangoonwala and Gared & Julia Bowers, Email: [email protected], or [email protected], Phone: via WhatsApp +491605257485,for the most updated information Day and Time: Thursdays @ 1900 Additional Information: We are a group of Officers and their families, along with some civilians. No childcare provided at this time but kids are welcome. We study a book or theme of the Bible and grow together in the body of Christ. One Thursday of the month, we try to do a potluck to fellowship. Contact us for location. *No meetings during the summer. We intend to resume meeting at the […]


Local Leader : Maj Dan and Lisa Abney, USMC Email: [email protected] Phone:(407) 924-5728 Additional Information: Tuesdays from 1730-2000 . We meet periodically on Tuesday nights for dinner and Bible study. Due to the requirements of the semiannual Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course held at Yuma in the Spring and Fall, we typically do not meet in March, April, September, and October. But please reach out anyways during those four months and we would love to either connect you to a local church or share a meal with […]

Fort Rucker

Local Leader: LTC(Ret) Mark and Jill Taylor, Email: [email protected], Phone:(334) 447-8767, Day & Time: Wed at 0700 on Fort Rucker or 1900 at our home. Contact for more information. Officers assigned to the Aviation Center and your families, this fellowship is for you. Once restrictions are eased, we will have access to one of the Chapel facilities on Fort Rucker. Until then, we have the option of meeting in our home or online as […]

Schriever SFB

Local Leader:Lt Col Aaron and Sarah Lynch, USSF Email: [email protected] ,or [email protected], Phone: (307) 421-9256, Day & Time: Contact for more information. Anyone seeking fellowship, interested in growing in their faith, and/or seeking out a way to better prepare for leadership in our military as a Christian is more than welcomed! Children may attend the fellowship and we are located on […]


Local Leader:LT, Mark Funke USCG,AD, Email:[email protected], Phone: (864) 554-5508, Day & Time: 3rd Friday of Month at 1800, Light refreshments will be provided. We have two children and a playset in the backyard if anyone would like to bring their children. We will host outdoor gatherings once a month for the summer and indoor Bible Study twice a month starting in […]

Fort Lee

Local Leader: CAPT Tom and Ann Swift, USNR(Ret), Cell:: (804) 381-7579, Email: [email protected] , Day & Time: Wednesday at 1800 to 1930, Bunker Hall Rm B-200 (also known as “The Birdcage”) at Ft. Lee AHG (Holiday Inn Express), Contact us for more info. If you are unable to reach me, please contact the ALU […]

Pueblo CO/Doss Aviation/Initial Flight Training Facility

Local Leader: Major Richard E and Glena G Walker, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Phone:(719) 557-0060 Day and time: Pueblo Memorial Airport, Thursdays at 1800. Please contact for more […]
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Fort Knox

Contact: Chaplain Thomas Brooks, USA, Email: [email protected] What: Come enjoy an hour of worship, prayer, and fellowship, Who: U.S. Army Cadet Command Cadre (Cadre only – includes GS employees), When: Tuesdays @ 1930 to 2030 , O’Neill Chapel Fellowship Hall. Groups and Fellowships for Cadre: and on the closed group Facebook Page “USACC Chaplain […]

University of Colorado (Boulder) (ROTC)

Local Leader: Cadet, Mackenzie Brenner, ROTC, Email:[email protected] Phone: (270) 307-9531, Additional Information: Air Force, Army, and Navy Cadets/Midshipmen Bible study fellowship group. Subject to change each semester. Typically meets in leaders’ home. Call or text for current meeting day and […]

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Local Leader: 1st Lt, Anna Demoret, USAF, Email: [email protected], Phone: (321) 506-4255, Day & Time: Mondays at 1900, Women’s Bible Study, Occurs at the off-base military housing. Most of the group is affiliated with the military. Mix of 20-30 single/married women. Light refreshments. No childcare […]

Seymour Johnson

Local Leader: Capt Cato McKenzie USAF, Email:[email protected] , Phone: (859) 699-6587, Day and Time: Sunday from 1730-1830, We host Seymour Christian Fellowship weekly at our house on base. Contact me for more details but we would love to have you no matter what phase of life or walk with Christ. Food is provided and kids are welcome to attend but will play outside/upstairs with our kids during the devotional part of the […]

Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station

Local Leaders: Buzz and Miroslava Bingham, Email: [email protected], Phone: (724) 561-5498, Day & Time: 2 studies – Wed noon and Thur noon, Wednesday Bible study in the Base Chapel – Chaplain Torrey Johnson leads. Bring your own lunch. Thursday Women’s Bible Study in the Base Chapel with Miroslava as the leader. Bring your own […]


Local Leader:  CH(1LT) Matthew Lower, USAR Email: [email protected] Phone: (607) 742-4200 Please contact me for fellowship details. I am an Army Reserve Chaplain  and C&MA pastor here in Butler. Feel free to stop on by for prayer, fellowship or if you want to chat over coffee, this is the place to go! Would love to host […]

Rhema Cafe: Kaiserslautern

Leader: Pastor Tim Carentz, Email: [email protected], Day & Time: Rhema Cafe, open Sun 0900-1800, Mon-Sat 0600-2300. Christian café which hosts 5-10 classes a day, daily events, and training. Have 4 pastors on site. Nondenominational. All helping services are free and funded by donations. Visit us at and, or look us up on […]

Meridian Naval Air Station

Local Leaders : CAPT Brent and Katie Moore, USN, Email: [email protected], Phone: (443) 949-6022, Day and Time: Tuesdays at 1830, Additional Information: Weekly fellowship and Bible Study meetings at the base chapel with a dessert provided. Goal is to gather for a meal at the leader’s home as a group once every 1-2 […]

JB Elemendorf-Richardson

Local Leader: LTC Justin & Beth Pritchard, USA, Email: [email protected], Cell: (907) 306-5375, Day and Time: Sunday Evenings @ 1830-2000, We live on Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson. We are currently doing a virtual study on Microsoft Teams, working through the Vertical Marriage Study from Family […]

Nellis Air Force Base

Local Leader: Capt Stephen and Capt Molly Mellinger, USAF, Email: [email protected], Phone: (561) 281-8114, Day & Time: Please contact for more information. We meet in rotating member’s homes for potluck the last Sunday of each month. Children of all ages are welcome. Potluck followed by separate men and women’s Bible studies. Contact for more information or check the Facebook page Creech/Nellis OCF. […]

The Scars of Moral Injury | Episode 014

[podcast src=”″ height=”90″ width=”100%” placement=”bottom” […]

NCR West / Arlington

Area Coordinator:  CAPT A.J. Reiss, USN (Ret) Email:  [email protected] Phone: AJ – 703.244.5931; Dana – 831.277.4395 Contact us regarding home and work fellowship groups in NCR West, including the Pentagon. Join us for a monthly Open House Military-friendly Christian Fellowship (MCF) featuring fellowship, food, song, study, and prayer. We aim for “first Fridays”, but please confirm via telephone or […]

Fort Knox

Local OCF Leader: LTC Bob Deckard, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Bible study leader: Dr. Tim Murphy Email: [email protected] Day & Time:   Summer Schedule (7 Jun- mid Nov) Tuesday’s @ 1900-2030,  Thorne Park on Ft Knox.  The park pavilion is visible from the Chaffee Gate entrance located directly to your right as you enter post. You may follow the signs to the commissary where it is located nearby.  OCF partners with the Navigator.  Men and women’s discipleship study groups are available along with […]

White Sulphur Springs Conference Center

White Sulphur Springs is OCF’s Eastern Conference Center located in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains near the town of Bedford, Pennsylvania. We seek to be a caring Christian retreat center, set apart to provide an environment where our guests can be refreshed, challenged and strengthened in their Christian faith and relationships. God is equipping our guests to return to their military or civilian communities as ambassadors for Christ, prepared to “step out” in faith for His glory. Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Bible Study meets Sep – May at 1930 Thursday Where will you host your next Bible study? […]

Keesler Air Force Base

Local Leader: Dan and Hope Blankenship Cell: 228-806-7011 (Dan) or 907-240-4954 (Hope) Email: [email protected], [email protected], Military Leadership Group:   3rd Thursday of  each Month @ 1100 on KAFB. Men’s Breakfast: Wednesdays @ 6am at Church of the King (COTK) Biloxi Campus (920 Cedar Lake Road Biloxi, MS). Women’s Group: Wednesdays @ 6pm at COTK Biloxi […]