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Holloman Air Force Base

Local Leader: Aaron and Nicole Peters, Email: [email protected], Phone: (618) 698-9350, Day and Time: Wednesday, 6-8 PM. We start with fellowship over dinner at our house and then go into our Bible study. No study books or materials needed, just your Bible! If you need one, we will provide one. Our home is open to all, including kids, although we have two sweet […]

Barksdale AFB

Local Leader: Maj Nathan Flack, USAF Email: [email protected]  Phone: (602) 819-7890 Day and Time: We meet every other Sunday at 4:30. Please contact us and we will let you know the date of our next meeting! All are welcome, including children! We typically have some light appetizers or desserts. The meeting is focused on community, fellowship, prayer, and Bible […]

Fort Leonard Wood

Local Leader: COL Chad & Elizabeth Ramskugler, USA Email: [email protected]  Phone: (414) 458-4460 Local Groups: Wednesday at 1730 for dinner and small groups at the Main Post Chapel (or Navigators at 1800 at Specker Chapel). There is also a student officer dinner and small group on Tuesdays at 1800 at the Digital Training Facility adjacent to the MSCoE building. Reach out with any […]

Portsmouth, VA

Local Leader: LT Tae and Sherie Chon, USCG Email: [email protected]  Phone: (757) 995-8661 Day and Time: First Saturday of each month from 1700 to about 1900. Families and singles are both welcome. After dining together, God willing, we will study His word together, pray for one another, and encourage each other. Please text or call if you’re […]

Columbus AFB

Local Leader: Capt Delarrion Milner, USAF Email: [email protected]  Phone: (478) 456-1713 Day & Time: Second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 1830. Our group is focused on fostering gospel fellowship among the Instructor Pilot population on Columbus AFB through spending time in God’s Word together. Co-leader: Capt Noah Taylor […]
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