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Leadership and the Christian Officer

[…]Encourage and praise progress. Try to make subordinates successful at their jobs, and then give them the credit. If they do well, the commander will do well, and get credit also. Leadership Requirements at Different Levels There is a real difference in applied leadership at various levels. Tactical and strategic principles are the same; soldiers, sailors and airmen are basically the same. It is the circumstances that are different and therefore require different applications of the basic principles. At lower unit levels problems are tangible and immediate. The commander and subordinates are face-to-face with them. The commander has close personal […]

Unity of Command

[…]through the chain of command; this is called centralized control with de-centralized execution. The theory is that there is control at the top but freedom down the line at each echelon for individual commanders to make decisions. This builds trust up and down the chain of command and produces freedom and flexibility throughout all of the force structures. Let’s apply this spiritually by looking at the Trinity and the Body of Christ. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus stated that all authority was given to Him. He also said in the Gospels that He always obeyed the Father–doing nothing on His own […]

Support Your Chaplain

[…]commissioned to plan, coordinate, and lead toward that goal. Chaplains have assistants; together they form “Religious Support Teams” (“Religious Support in Joint Operations” Joint Publication 1-05). A chaplain’s tasks and responsibilities include advisory leadership, religious ministries and accommodation, outreach, pastoral care, training and education, and supervision and management. Commanders are vested with the responsibility for and authority over all religious activities on the base. Military chaplains are the commanders’ representatives and staff officers designated to provide spiritual opportunities for military people and support for their religious needs. According to Romans 13, Christians are called to submit to and support that […]
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