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Six Generations: 1

[…] testimony over the years with many people in many settings, it has always included Jon Shine’s inspiring life. Jon’s death was a launching point for, and an inspiration to, building in other men’s lives the character, vision, and example of his selfless, sacrificial life. To the Christian believer, life is all about serving the living Christ and living one’s own life in a sacrificial way–serving others, leading others, helping others, providing for and protecting others…and if called to do so, dying for others. While on earth, believers want to seek first His Kingdom, to be a disciple and to […]

Six Generations: 2

[…]also remembered a Scripture verse that Jon sent him in a letter from Vietnam in which Jon shared what became Jon and Gail’s favorite verse–Romans chapter 8, verse 28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (the verse on the plaque at Fort Shine). “I remember as if it were yesterday,” Paul recalled. “I felt the power and significance of what Jon was writing me. 2LT Jonathan Shine, U.S. Army, was saying in what proved to be his last letter to me, ‘no […]

Six Generations: 3

[…]was Guy Hester…who was also killed in Vietnam [authors’ note – seven days before Jon]. Jon and Guy were devout Christians, but Christians who were not judgmental about others. They influenced others by example, not sermonizing. I believe Jon’s and Guy’s widows were burying one of them…when word of the other’s death arrived. [author’s note – in fact, Gail Shine rushed to be with Guy’s wife–a total stranger–when she heard that Guy had been killed in action. While Gail was at the funeral, incredibly, Guy’s wife found out about Jon’s death and informed Gail. They comforted one another.] When I […]

Part of an amazing lineage

[…]Shortly after his death, Jon Shine’s brother, Al, and his wife, Sandra, named their young son Jonathan Anthony Shine. Now, LTC Jonathan Shine, one week after the dedication, assumed battalion command at Fort Bliss. LTC Shine is constantly aware of his lineage. He continues to live up to the legacy of service and calling established by his uncle and by his dad and mother. In late June, I attended Anchor Points, which is OCF’s executive leadership course dedicated to pouring into the lives of OCF’s future leaders. I met a family who has withstood five deployments in fifteen years of […]

The Heartbeat of OCF

[…]Small Group Resources and click on Leading Small Groups for an article with excellent advice by Jon Harris. Topics include prayer, Bible study, relationships and preparation to lead.  A downloadable PDF and other related articles are also available. If your OCF group is effectively meeting the participants’ needs, you will see the evidence of growing affection for each other and in their desire to share the experience with others. Important: To improve from there, OCF encourages that at least once a year the leader collect feedback by using the feedback form available on the OCF website. Growing OCF Groups Caution: […]
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