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Submarine Community Coordinator: LT Will Parker, USN Email [email protected], Phone: 720-341-6672 Mission : To encourage and equip submariners to bear witness to the gospel within the submarine force by connecting them to local OCF fellowships. Identify and engage submariners to start an OCF Bible study where fellowships do not […]

Rescue on the High Seas

[…]spent the next few weeks in Mombasa waiting for the crisis to end. It came on Easter Sunday when Navy SEAL snipers effected the rescue of Captain Phillips. Our “Alabama Eighteen” made a loud scene when we heard the news — extremely happy for having a part in one of the best-coordinated rescues ever conducted at sea. Our voyage was a blessed one. I feel everyone knew that it could have turned out very differently. And as I reflect, I see that in those extraordinary circumstances the Lord prompted me to spend more time with Him. God promised me He […]

Do you have a PCS sponsor—to heaven?

[…]throughout history—and ultimately to Almighty God.   Bill served thirty years active duty as a Navy line officer and then as a chaplain at Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard commands, including combat. He led many to Christ and was with others PCSing to their ultimate homecoming. Now serving at a Florida retirement community chapel, Bill and his wife have two sons and five […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: OCF small group fellowships

[…]come together in Christ’s to support and encourage each through Bible study and prayer.   Navy submarine lieutenant Mark Treen believes God has given him a rare opportunity to be a missionary to those he lives, works and eats with in the ocean depths, an environment where the difficulties crew members face are more acute. The challenge, he says, is “letting Christ’s light shine when you feel like you’re surrounded by darkness,” and instead trusting in Christ’s promise that, “the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say” (Luke 12:12). And just as submariners have unique […]
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Service Separations

[…]crisis in marriage. Studies done by the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego during and after Navy men had nine months of sea duty showed, “the initial two months away from home were critical, but it was the first two months back that were even more critical.” Why? What problems can arise? And can they be prevented? One of the most obvious problems concerns the flip-flops that occur in the wife’s role. Her husband goes to sea, and suddenly she is forced to become independent. She must make important decisions by herself She must take the responsibility of handling […]

Making the ‘no greater love’ sacrifice

[…]also making the same “no greater love” sacrifice as this brave quartet. — Ben, a Navy veteran, ministers as a chaplain to chaplains for Adopt-A-Chaplain. He also authored two books, God I’ve Got A Problem and The Shaping of A Man of […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]Council VP duties add to the numerous hats Jamie’s already sporting—husband, father of four, Navy captain, and Pensacola OCF interim leader. He petitions God: “If You can create this with just a word, then you can help me accomplish the tasks before me.”   0100  At any time of day, nearly 350 known OCF small group fellowships are occurring across the globe, including New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Norway and the United Kingdom. Even on deployment, OCF members and other Christians have devoted off-duty hours serving the Lord: food and clothing outreaches, creating and building schools, and baptizing new Christians, such […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: Retirees

[…]cadets and midshipmen one-on-one. Gwynn Vaughn first heard of OCF while attending the Army-Navy banquet, and later led Bible studies as a West Point cadet, attended OCU conferences, and was at Spring Canyon’s first-ever summer camp season in 1962. The Vaughns also serve as Spring Canyon Advisory Council members. Feeling “especially burdened for those in the military, ” over the years the Vaughns led chapel Bible studies, mentored couples and ministered to West Point cadets. “Both of us came from chapel-going families, but neither one of us really heard about Jesus there,” said Kit, a former Army nurse. “It’s easy […]

TTP – Competition

[…]entire world. They rule the sky and are the very definition of air superiority. The United States Navy is the supreme naval force on this globe. They rule the oceans and are without peer. The Unites States Army is the undefeatable land combatant force. They don’t start wars, they end them. When the army arrives, the battle is over.” At this point the Sergeant Instructor paused, looked slowly around the room and then continued in a low menacing voice, “…and then there is the Marine Corps.” And that’s all he said. “Yes!” we barked and “Ooh-Raahed” with every fiber of […]

Whose Arm Doth Reach

[…]I began to appreciate the grisly possibilities associated with his seafaring deployments. At a navy base chapel we attended when I was in fourth grade, I learned to sing the lines of this hymn… Lord God, our power evermore Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor Dive with our men beneath the sea Traverse the depths protectively Lord, hear us when we pray and keep Them safe from peril in the deep. Its hauntingly beautiful melody gave me my first inkling of the risks involved in sea service. The second was when Dad began taking us to the aquarium…where it […]

You Are Commissioned

[…]the Son of God.” As a family member or military member, you were “commissioned” in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard to do the work of our Lord as professional military servants, as a family, and as ambassadors of Jesus Christ. The crises in your lives will be hard, but they are for His purposes and for the purpose of shaping you in His image. So praise the Lord as you take on this new “commission” and this next assignment that the Lord has prepared for you. In the words of the apostle Paul, “Rejoice in the […]
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