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Submarine Community Coordinator: LT Will Parker, USN Email [email protected], Phone: 720-341-6672 Mission : To encourage and equip submariners to bear witness to the gospel within the submarine force by connecting them to local OCF fellowships. Identify and engage submariners to start an OCF Bible study where fellowships do not exist.

Living the military life together

Small group Bible studies have been part of the DNA of OCF since the ministry began in 1943. Within these small groups, there is spiritual growth, an increased understanding of what it means to be a Christian, and a resilience developed for all of life—especially life within the military.

Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God

How does a faithful walk with Jesus give life, context, and direction to the exercise of military leadership? What opportunities do I have for doing good for others’ welfare and for God’s glory?

6 parts that make up the ‘substance’ of leadership

Leadership is the defining skill of a military officer. Intellect and education are important. Indeed, in our technological profession, they are prerequisites. But professional performance and progress depend fundamentally on how well you master the art and science of leadership.
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Nelson Chiaravallotti: “Enduring and faithful pursuit in the face of affliction”

“An enduring and faithful pursuit in the face of affliction.” That’s how ENS Nelson Chiaravallotti, USN, defines perseverance. In this episode, Nelson also talks about leadership lessons he learned during his time at A&M Galveston and reflects on the sadness and loss of two classmates, one by suicide.
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Nehemiah: Approaching leadership like a Marine | Episode 34

In this episode, Chaplain Bill Appleton is going to focus on the life of Nehemiah and the leadership qualities we need to pay attention to today, and he'll also share the story of how he became a Christian.
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Putting the Serve into Your Military Service

Each of you new officers raised your right hand and repeated an oath to faithfully support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The enlisted men and women you now lead vowed to faithfully follow your orders as their officer in support of the Constitution.

Hampton Roads OCF Region Picnic

Come discover what God has in store for us at this annual picnic. Reconnect with military men and women for fun and fellowship as we engage together as a military community for Him!

Southwest CRU Valor/OCF ROTC Retreat

Is it possible today to integrate your faith and your military profession? Find out from military leaders how you can live for Christ both in and out of uniform.

University of Colorado (Boulder) (ROTC)

Local Leader: Cadet, Mackenzie Brenner, ROTC, Email:[email protected] Phone: (270) 307-9531, Additional Information: Air Force, Army, and Navy Cadets/Midshipmen Bible study fellowship group. Subject to change each semester. Typically meets in leaders' home. Call or text for current meeting day and directions!

Fellowship through ‘practical action’

OCF has provided transitory military Christians with two static places—Spring Canyon in Colorado and White Sulphur Springs in Pennsylvania—for abundant opportunities of Christ-centered fellowship, programs and fun. The ideal end result: being equipped to reach others for Christ throughout the military society—and form lifetime friendships.

Making the ‘no greater love’ sacrifice

The Four Chaplains, also referred to as the "Immortal Chaplains" or the "Dorchester Chaplains," were four United States Army chaplains who gave their lives to save other civilian and military personnel as the troop ship USAT Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943, during World War II. They helped other soldiers board lifeboats and gave up their own life jackets when the supply ran out.

White Sulphur Springs – Winter Retreat 3

The Christmas season is special anywhere, but we take great joy in hosting guests during Christmas and New Year’s at White Sulphur Springs. The stunning mountains covered with snow, the tables laden with warm food, the hotels decorated in the spirit of the holiday season, and the meaningful connections made between families and friends make Winter Retreats unlike any other season throughout the year.

From Mid to Married to Mom

We’ve been through a lot in our four short years of marriage, but it’s been exciting to look back and see how God has been a part of it all, especially in the last two years. God poured out countless blessings on my husband in the pursuit of his dreams, making it through the arduous training without any major injuries or setbacks. I couldn’t be prouder of him!

Winter Sports Retreat I

Jesus came into the world to destroy Satan’s work and to set captives free. One important characteristic of Kingdom ministry is the process of teaching believers to be aware of the enemy’s tactics the provisions Christ has made for us. This seminar will look at spiritual warfare and what Christian’s need to do prepare their hearts and minds.

Time, Talent, Treasure: Retirees

For Christians serving in our nation’s Armed Forces, even when their active duty days meld into retirement, God’s call to serve Him remains evergreen, for in age’s autumn years “…they will stay fresh and green” (Psalm 92:14), still bearing fruit. 

Unique stressors of the military family

Like you, my husband, Steve, and I know what it’s like for our marriage to have to go into survival mode during extended periods of separation. We know the pressure of caring for children in the midst of huge transitions. We know the challenge of supporting each other when our own personal resources are depleted.

Becoming a Christ-like military leader first starts with thinking of others

By surrendering their spring break of relaxation to instead labor for the impoverished, the mission field experiences help cadets and midshipmen hone skills of selflessness and sacrifice that are essential to becoming effective Christ-like military leaders.
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Southeast Navigators/Cru Valor/OCF ROTC Retreat

Your coming military career is a calling from God, a special opportunity to serve Him for eternal purposes while serving our nation. Find out from military leaders how you can live for Christ both in and out of uniform.
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A day in the life of OCF

For seven decades the living waters of Jesus Christ have flowed forth, from the heart of the ministry of Officers’ Christian Fellowship—innumerable men and women making a kingdom difference by living, loving and working with others throughout the military society. 

How ya doing? Do you really care?

Who will you meet today in an unexpected encounter, whether in a combat area, passageway, flight line, or on drills and maneuvers? And what will you say—and hear? In your command, how will you show Christ in your servant leadership?

Understanding Religious Rights | Episode 004

What are your rights as an American in uniform? Is it permissible for a chaplain to pray in Jesus’s name? Can you have a prayer breakfast on a military installation? What about sharing my faith—can I do that?
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