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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]your work with humility, and give the credit to God. DANIEL 3 The experiences here are those of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They were friends of Daniel who prayed with him (Daniel 1:17-23). As Daniel closely observed these experiences of his three friends, he might have learned that a leader should: Vs. 8. Expect scrutiny. Vs. 9-12. Expect opposition to your faith. Vs. 13-15. Expect temptation of your faith. Vs. 16-18. Expect an opportunity to demonstrate the authenticity for your faith. Vs. 19-27. Expect justification by your faith. DANIEL 4 Vs. 2-37. Continued, respectful, honorable, diligent service to an ungodly […]
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Six Generations: 2

[…]always a popular Sunday School story with younger ones, the trials, faith and courage of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego inspired Jon in his own daily faith. He wasn’t ashamed or hesitant to share that inspiration with his fellow cadets. Again, his firm stance on living unashamedly as a Christian is another example of choosing the harder right over the easier wrong of just going with the flow and not making one’s faith a lightning rod for others to criticize. Special Inspection Graduation was drawing near and preparing for life as an Army lieutenant became the one thing on most Firsties’ […]
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