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War on Spiritual Terrorism

[…]operational environments–the physical domain of direct action, and the domain of unconventional spiritual warfare. True Strength While physical training strengthens our bodies, and battle drills build the muscle memory to act automatically under duress–we often overlook the “moral, ethical, and spiritual strength” required for combat. As Christian leaders we must comprehend Ephesians 6:12, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” To survive in this battle, our prayer orders become just as important as […]

Share this spiritual gift with your teen

[…]a location. Everyone is covered in dirt and dust. We look AWESOME! Picture time. Tonight’s lesson: reject social and spiritual passivity. “Chicago” (John) gets the chicken! Later that night it rains and the tent sounds like a cathedral. I listen to my son’s snoring sounds. So grateful for this time. Good breakfast, packed gear, drove to our camp site. Pitched tents, staff is fired up, everyone is fired up. The boys go exploring for a bit. Young warriors, fearing nothing. Later, the staff takes most of the group up into the mountains to a trail. Andy leads us on; beautiful […]

Spiritual War

by Jim Wilson There are a number of weapons and tactics in Spiritual Warfare. Some are: 1. The objective. God’s objective was the salvation of the world. In history He assigned subordinate objectives to the prophets. Each’s objective was a part of the whole. After the war had been going on for thousands of years, God produced the decisive person, place, action, and time: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. God accomplished His purpose. 2. Since that time, the enemy of our souls has been severely handicapped: his power is limited, his intelligence is limited, his time is […]

Spiritual Battle Plans

[…]follow through during the deployment itself. As we seek to train for godliness and prepare for spiritually dry times, it is good to start with assumptions about the nature of the spiritual environment at our projected deployed location. After my Iraq experience, I decided to make the following spiritual assumptions for my Bosnia deployment: There will be: No Chapel. No OCF or weekly Bible study. No other Christians in my immediate proximity. I will have: A high OPTEMPO. A non-regular work schedule. Limited time alone for personal devotions. More temptations than normal. A primitive support structure-spiritually and logistically. Less (or […]

Spiritual Success

by LTC J. Randy Carey, USA (Ret.) Have everyone in your Bible study write out his or her testimony. Share one with the group each week. Understand what OCF is all about. Promote the encouragement that can be gained from a group coming together to worship Almighty God. Participate in OCF retreats and conferences. White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon offer continuous programs such as retreats, family events, and Rocky Mountain High. Use OCF as a meeting place to network with Christians on your base, in your unit, on your ship. Post updates on the Internet. Consider journaling your walk […]

Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]two is delight in and meditation on God’s Word. As a military Christian, you will be involved in spiritual warfare. You understand combat. A military force has specific needs to perform properly on the battlefield. You also have these needs, which include the following: PSALM 119:105. You need light–the ability to “see.” 1 PETER 1.23-25, 2:2. You need food–energy to perform. EPHESIANS 6:10-17. You need protection and weapons. EPHESIANS 5:19 and 6:18,19. You need to communicate–up, down, and laterally. CONTINUE EACH DAY to read God’s Word and to commit your circumstances to Him in prayer. If you have never established […]
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Support Your Chaplain

[…]chaplains do not have such friendships or close fellowship, as they are always seen as the “spiritual provider” or the “caregiver.” Yet they too need to receive spiritual ministry and refreshment. Getting to Know Your Chaplain OCF Members We encourage all OCF members to meet the chaplain(s) on their installation or ship. If there is not one, consider visiting the chaplain who is assigned coverage for that unit. It is absolutely essential, and proper protocol, that the OCF Area Coordinator or Local Representative calls on the Installation Chaplain, regardless of the chaplain’s faith group. Such introductory meetings can accomplish several […]

Follow Me

[…]as Christ would have us do. Seek the Father’s Will The second part of Jesus’ leadership lesson was that he constantly sought to do His Father’s will. He continually sought secluded places in order to pray and to seek His Father’s will. Jesus was accountable to His Father and had to get one-on-one time with His Father to ensure that He, Jesus, did His Father’s will. While Jesus introduced new paradigms to fulfill the old ways, He was operating fully within the guidance and intent of His Father. This could only be done because Jesus took the time out of […]

What Right Looks Like

[…]of this rejection his subsequent actions divided the people of Israel. Thus, the lesson learned here for junior leaders is the importance of listening to the right advisors. In relation to the Army, young second lieutenants assuming their roles as platoon leaders should listen to their platoon sergeant and first sergeant. They should not “reject the advice” of those who have served for many years and have much to offer. See What Right Looks Like Also important is the ability to see what right looks like. I’m reminded of John 10:32 as Jesus says to the Jews, “…I have shown […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]four families lodging, making pasta salad for 500 people, hundreds of chairs set up for the spiritual commissioning ceremony, dozens of bridesmaids dressing for a wedding—and a power outage.  Bob and Kelly Plantz, Quantico. Supporting field staff is one facet of field operations director Chris Blake’s ministry of “helping others’ ministries succeed.” One of his East Coast trips includes Quantico, where all Marine Corps officers go several times in their careers, starting with The Basic School. Chris talks about Bob’s Bible studies, with participants from all five of the companies continually coming through Quantico for training. Flexibility and text messaging […]

Financial Responsibility for Children

[…]to be certain everything was paid on time, and I remained the responsible party. Invaluable Lessons There were many interesting responses from the children as each their turn. They were amazed at how much money it cost to run a household. The house payment alone was a check like none they had ever written. They learned conservation when they saw the electric bill each month and not one of them continued to take long showers. Our lastborn worried there would be no money left for her to attend college and that had the added benefit of her beating the bushes […]

Leadership Q&A

[…]the only indictment that they could bring against him was against his faith–his God. Another lesson from Daniel is that despite the forces arraigned against him, he was open about his faith. Daniel was no coward, even though he knew that the cost could be high–even death. As modern day Daniels, we can’t be covert about our faith, and must not be ashamed of the name of Jesus. Using wisdom and discernment throughout our lives, we are told to be bold and courageous. Jesus has called us to take a stand in such a time as this. Laying low, and […]

Man of the In-Between

[…]as a young boy in a cozy little neighborhood in central Washington state, I learned a valuable lesson. Our neighborhood bully, Jimmy C., would never stop throwing dirt clods and using strong-arm tactics to terrorize smaller children. Yes, we complained. In fact, we begged. But time after time “negotiation” failed. Nothing seemed to work. Until one day one of us gathered the courage to stand up to him. Lying flat on his back Jimmy experienced an amazing change of perspective. He suddenly saw the logic in leaving the little people alone. Bullies never seem to quit until someone takes the […]


[…]twenty-one years of service, I retired as a major in the Air Force Reserve. I learned a mighty lesson about the power of Almighty God who moves beyond any obstacle. And because He is in control, I learned to leave the struggling, pushing, and prodding in His hands. This wasn’t the first time I faced obstacles. Some were overcome, such as my promotion to major even though I had missed it on two previous boards. Some were not, such as missing the final opportunity for lieutenant colonel before I retired. As I moved into my civilian career, I struggled not […]

Truth and the Christian Leader

[…]lied to the Spirit of the Lord. He acted as He saw fit. How might the Christian leader apply the lesson of Ananias and Sapphira to the work place? I can recall saying or hearing others say: “I have to make an example of this one.” Why is it necessary for a leader to take extreme positions? What does the practice of truth and maintaining high standards do for the Christian leader? In a word: Everything! The leader often finds himself or herself in a position to judge matters. 2 Timothy 2:15 encourages diligence, which leads to right decisions and […]
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