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Time, Talent, Treasure: Retirees

[…]banquet, and later led Bible studies as a West Point cadet, attended OCU conferences, and was at Spring Canyon’s first-ever summer camp season in 1962. The Vaughns also serve as Spring Canyon Advisory Council members. Feeling “especially burdened for those in the military, ” over the years the Vaughns led chapel Bible studies, mentored couples and ministered to West Point cadets. “Both of us came from chapel-going families, but neither one of us really heard about Jesus there,” said Kit, a former Army nurse. “It’s easy to think you are ready for heaven, when totally blind to the truth.” It […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]lined up now. It’s a long day as interim director Charlie Sturgis works through budget issues at Spring Canyon.    1700 For over twenty-two years Greg and Lucy Lane have served OCF on Council, in small groups at Fort Campbell, and in ROTC ministry. Greg’s leather Bible and Diet Coke stand in stark contrast to the Austin Peay State University cadets’ iPhone-accessed Bibles and neon power drinks. But together they are examining what the Bible says about leading wisely and handling temptation.    1800 The heartbeat of OCF—small group fellowships—are in full swing across the continental U.S. Deep in the […]

Share this spiritual gift with your teen

[…]our trip. Day 00 Day 01 Day 02 Day 03 Day 04 Day 05 Day 06 Day 07 Arrive at Denver airport. Spring Canyon staff arrives; young, wholesome, very upbeat. Meet other father-son pairs. Load truck, drive 2+ hours to SC. Nice tents, gravel floors, lighting. Double bunks. One other father-son in our tent, room to spare. Shower building nearby: hot water, flush toilets, heat. Meet Rick (FTA coordinator). He already knows all our names! First dinner: pasta and chicken, peas, bread, and apple pie at the lodge! So good. First group assembly: introductions and expectations. Nightly meeting after chow […]

USAFA Winter Retreat

[…]Winter Retreat as speakers and will speak on 2 Timothy, “Not Ashamed.” Location is OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center. Click here to […]

Winter Sports Retreat #2

Winter Sports Retreat #2 at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center TOPIC | How to serve well in today’s military: Know God, Stand Firm, Take Action. Our men and women in uniform and their families are now serving in extremely challenging and difficult times. They are called upon to shine the light of Christ through their professional excellence, godly character, and Christ-like leadership. We will explore what it means in Daniel 11:32b to “Know their God, stand firm, and take action.” Specifically, we will unpack how this requires men and women serving today to be competent in who they are in […]

Leadership Came Naturally

[…]the construction of the second house he and Sarah built, in Charleston. The first he built in Spring Canyon practically with his own bare hands (except for specialties like electrical and plumbing etc.). His was a life of committed integrity. He was committed to his wife, Sarah, and their family, his friends, OCF, and most of all, his Lord and Savior. Our lives intertwined in many ways. Tom introduced me to my son-in-law to be, and was the best man in my daughter’s wedding. Like many others who invested in our lives during those formative early years, he played a […]

Members: Cast your vote now for OCF Council

[…]Member since 1997, area coord, Germany; co-leader, Fort Riley, KS, and Fort Lee, VA; led a Spring Canyon Winter Sports Retreat; teaching classes, seminars, and retreats for OCF members; Fort Campbell OCF; worship team co-leader and Sunday School teacher, Syracuse Alliance Church, NY; lead pastor of Chapel Next, Fort Campbell; Benchmark Adventure Ministry Advisory Board. Personal testimony: I re-dedicated my life to Christ at Marine Corps boot camp. Since then, the Lord has provided countless opportunities to be spiritually stretched. Blessings have flowed through mature mentors and encouraging peers, who’ve joined me in God’s process of growing us up. I […]

Part of an amazing lineage

[…]the legacy of Christ, where His lineage is being carried on. On Memorial Day at OCF’s Spring Canyon conference center, the newly constructed Fort Shine Lodge was dedicated to the memory of 1LT Jonathan Cameron Shine, who gave his last full measure in service to his Lord and his nation in October 1970.  What we celebrated was not 1LT Jon Shine’s death, but his life. For in his last moments on this earth, his thoughts were on his comrades in arms and on his Savior, ensuring that his life, through his last breath, was focused on extending the lineage of […]

Preparing for Active Duty

[…]solid Bible study and prayer times, meaningful one-on-one discipleship, inspiring retreats at Spring Canyon, strong Christian relationships, great food, and Rocky Mountain High. Clearly, these cadets had a great first experience with OCF! Then I asked them the same two questions I ask each new class of students at Maxwell: 1) What would happen if every flight commander, every squadron commander, every wing commander were “on fire” for the Lord Jesus? What would your Air Force look like? 2) How are you going to make a Kingdom difference during your career? OCF can be a key to answering that question. […]

Six Generations: 2

[…] time with the two of them while they vacationed at the OCF’s Colorado retreat center, Spring Canyon, located a couple of hours from Fort Carson. “I vividly remember going to their chalet to talk with them about getting ready to be apart and to prepare for his going into harm’s way. Jon was very calm (author’s note: this calmness will manifest itself again in an amazing way later in Jon’s story) and he was spiritually ready. He was at peace with the task that was before him. The three of us talked about the role of the Word of […]

Six Generations: 3

[…]topic of discussion during the annual West Point-specific Rocky Mountain High rotation at Spring Canyon, Colorado, where Fort Shine is named after him. In particular, we recount the anecdote that Jon was led to the Lord through the witness of a ‘barracks police’–a custodian–at the Gillis Field House, and make the point that none of us knows the impact of our daily witness on those around us.” A 1972 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, Barry Willey is a retired Army Colonel who retired in June of 2001 after 29 years on active duty as an infantry officer. He deployed […]

Spiritual Success

[…]God. Participate in OCF retreats and conferences. White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon offer continuous programs such as retreats, family events, and Rocky Mountain High. Use OCF as a meeting place to network with Christians on your base, in your unit, on your ship. Post updates on the Internet. Consider journaling your walk with God. Include prayer requests and answers. Remember that God selected you to serve in the exact position you are in so that you might learn to speak the military “language” to communicate about God and His love for those in the service. You may be the […]

The View from the Top

[…]glorious creation. Last summer I participated for the first time in Rocky Mountain High (RMH) at Spring Canyon in Colorado. What a rush! Since I’m not in my twenties anymore, I was a little bit anxious about my physical abilities. And while climbing a 14,000-foot peak is physically challenging and quite a workout, I was delighted to discover it wasn’t that tough. The guides’ encouragement was more than enough to keep me motivated. On day one we tackled the vertical wall climb, mine field, and low rope exercises — both with and without blindfolds. In addition to being great fun, […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: Academies

[…]Jim Wilson whose gospel message stirred Bryan at White Sulphur Springs, and Tom and Cheri at Spring Canyon, on their first vacation as a married couple. Cheri’s OCF legacy goes back to when her parents, CH(LTC) Russell and Lois Stroup, USA, hosted Dr. Bob Smith and C.N. Tokatloglou (Mr. Tok). Both men have participated in God’s kingdom work through OCF by leading and coordinating Bible studies wherever assigned during active duty, and holding varied OCF leadership positions. Tom’s OCF resume includes ROACT Council, and USMA and USAFA ministry teams with Cheri, while Bryan served on OCF Council, and along with […]

Time, Talent, Treasure: ROTC

[…]of the harvest.   For over fifty years now, OCF’s conference center ministry—first at Spring Canyon in Colorado and later at White Sulphur Springs in Pennsylvania—has refreshed countless guests via activity-filled, Christ-extolling retreats and programs. The culmination of those things is a faith infusion, a reservoir of God’s truth meant to be spilled over into others.  Reaching future generations for Christ in the ripe-for-harvest mission field of college ROTC is where Rob and Chandra Enos and Tim and Penny Wiseman have taken the fruit of their respective conference center ministry experiences in service. Rob and Chandra are at Virginia Tech […]

Ways to Give

[…]use U.S. mail to send contributions directly to the Home Office in Englewood, to Spring Canyon or White Sulphur Springs, or to one of the Field Staff. Subsequently, for many members the receipt letter acts as a regular reminder for their next contribution. Military Allotment SystemAs a former Financial Management Officer in the Marine Crops, I know the advantages of this option. First, its perfectly fine under today’s regulations. Second, the money is taken out of your pay account before your paycheck is produced, so you don’t really miss it. Third, to participate there are no extra costs to you […]

What Are Parents to Do?

[…]mid-tour leave, the only thing he wanted to do was join a summer retreat session at OCF’s Spring Canyon Conference Center in Colorado. We were overjoyed to be able to bring the entire family. Although the time with Darren was short, and we knew the return to Afghanistan would be mentally tough for a period, we remained excited to hear of his work and his challenges. And we prayed, and prayed, and prayed. If you make the Most High your dwelling–even the Lord who is my refuge–then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For […]

Rocky Mountain ROTC

[…]within the military community. He also organizes an annual Rocky Mountain ROTC Retreat at Spring Canyon, OCF’s Retreat and Conference Center just west of Buena Vista, CO. He also seeks to find retired OCF members near universities in the region to catch the vision of OCF ROTC […]

OCF and Leadership

[…]is exercising leadership. Coast Guard cadets running the children’s program at White Sulphur Springs Conference Center during the Easter retreat are exercising leadership. A colonel who has been selected for promotion to brigadier general acting as the registrar for a LEAD! is exercising leadership. An area coordinator organizing the leaders of all Christian ministries at the installation is exercising leadership. Our chief means of encouraging and equipping officers for biblical leadership and effective ministry is-and will remain-the small group. I get really encouraged when I see the young officers leaving Pensacola eager to get involved in military ministry; when Christian […]

OCF Council Elections Now Underway

[…]as many as five candidates. Vote Yes or No for the proposed OCF Constitution change. At the spring council meeting in April, the Council passed the following motion to amend the Constitution: Motion: That the following amendment to the OCF Constitution be submitted to the membership for approval: “Replace the current OCF Statement of Participation with the following language (changes to current statement indicated by bold underline): ‘I am committed to the Purpose of OCF: to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society. As an […]


[…]to the requirements of the semiannual Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course held at Yuma in the Spring and Fall, we typically do not meet in March, April, September, and October. But please reach out anyways during those four months and we would love to either connect you to a local church or share a meal with […]
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