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Time, Talent, Treasure: Academies

[…]serving, such as Dr. R. David and Mary Ann Hampton, whose fifteen years of service includes the USMA OCF tenures of Mike Tesdahl and Barry Willey, as well as Tom. These dedicated team members of active duty and retired military and civilians-more than thirty-five at both USMA and USNA-who come alongside in support of the OCF field staff at the academies, are spurred by “the love of Christ,” compelling them to share “the hope that lies within them, ‘” said Tom. They help in a variety of ways, including leading Bible studies, mentoring, and other events, such retreats, activity nights, […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]private homes; OCF’s conference centers, Maranatha Mansion at USNA, and the Fellowship House at USMA. Rita Wade now prepares for her cadet women’s Bible study, a ministry passion of hers and of others. Tom and Cheri juggle their USMA OCF baccalaureate weekend: four families lodging, making pasta salad for 500 people, hundreds of chairs set up for the spiritual commissioning ceremony, dozens of bridesmaids dressing for a wedding—and a power outage.  Bob and Kelly Plantz, Quantico. Supporting field staff is one facet of field operations director Chris Blake’s ministry of “helping others’ ministries succeed.” One of his East Coast trips […]

Latham, NY

[…]an overnight stay AND a meal for up to 6 people. I’m a USMC Veteran and the wife of a LTC at USMA. We’ve got 2 Bichon Frise’s and 2 boys. No parking limitation. Pool during the […]
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