Washington - Darrington

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Hospitality Home: Major Carson & Wendy Tavenner, USAF (Ret),

Phone: (301) 367-8969,

Email: [email protected]

Additional Information: We can provide a meal and an overnight stay for up to 20 guests, depending on weather and comfort levels. Our home is a wilderness retreat nestled in a bowl of mountains and rivers in the North Cascades. The sleeping options include a bedroom, heated “glamping” tent, bunk tent, and hammocks. Meals are fantastic (Wendy is an expert cook) and we can accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements. The home provides opportunities for a range of physical and spiritual needs: solitude and fellowship, adventure and tranquility, fellowship and self-reflection. Mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, fishing, archery, whitewater, and roasting marshmallows are some of the most popular activities here. At night we play a variety of boardgames and love movies! Washington’s skies are not always clear, but this location is a “dark sky” for stargazing.

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