Theodore (Ted) Kaiser

LTC Theodore (Ted) Kaiser, USA

Education: U.S. Military Academy, BS in Chemistry, 1997; University of North Carolina, MS in Analytical Chemistry, 2007

Present Assignment: U.S. Military Academy Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Life Science Department

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 1996; Anchor Points 2011 attendee; OCF officer in charge at USMA (4 yrs.); neighborhood OCF Bible study leader at Fort Leavenworth and West Point; area coordinator in Friedberg, Germany (3 yrs.); USMA cadet Bible study leader (7 yrs.); USMA cadet retreats at White Sulphur Springs; Integrated Faith Project Pilot attendee, 2018; local chapel attendee, usher; involved in Higher Ground, a men’s ministry, and Gideons, disciples cadets and junior officers

Personal Testimony:

I was raised knowing of Christ and attending church sporadically; however, this belief was merely historical, intellectual, and superficial. Before my Firstie year at West Point, I attended a retreat that confronted me with my degenerate state and I received salvation by surrendering my life to Christ. OCF was a big part of preparing me spiritually and intellectually for my salvation.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for OCF?

OCF confronts challenges beyond those of other ministries like preparing members to pursue Christ in love in a military that is increasingly hostile towards evangelical Christianity. We have to stay current with what is acceptable and train our membership on how they can see Christ glorified without getting themselves or the organization subject to prohibitive scrutiny. We could be made to appear as if subjugating Christ to fear on one extreme and contradicting our federal duty on the other.

Nominated By: LTC Thomas Austin, USA (Ret.); CPT John Goodwill, USA; LTC Colin Wooten, USA (Ret.)

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