Candidates for OCF Council Class of 2022

Below is biographical information for candidates running in the OCF Council elections, that begin 1 March and end 31 March. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the current OCF Council, click here and scroll down to OCF Governance. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to cast your ballot. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. We appreciate your prayers over the candidates and the election process.

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Capt Daniel Abney, USMC

Education: University of Central Florida, 2005-07; U.S. Naval Academy, BS Chemistry, 2011

Present Assignment: MV-22 Pilot / S-4 OIC at VMM-161, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2007; attended a local OCF Fellowship in Orlando, FL while a cadet in Army ROTC at UCF; attended and led Bible studies at OCF group in Pensacola, FL; hosted and led an OCF group San Diego, 2015-18; attended Anchor Points 2017 at Spring Canyon; will be a junior leader at Rocky Mountain High, 2019; routinely meet with young officers one-on-one for discipleship/mentorship and Bible study.

Personal Testimony:

I grew up in a “nominally Christian” household, going to church off-and-on as a child. In college, I turned to alcohol in an attempt to heal past emotional wounds. God led me to Army ROTC, OCF, and eventually USNA where, saturated with the Word and surrounded by godly men and women, I was convicted of my need for a Savior.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

Before I truly knew Him, God called me into military service. Throughout my journey, God has used the people of OCF to teach me about His love and strengthen my faith through encouragement and instruction. I have been poured into by countless godly men and women, most of whom I have met through OCF. And it is from a thankful heart that I continue their example by discipling, encouraging, and mentoring young officers at every duty station God sends me.

Nominated By: Col Chet Arnold, USMC (Ret.); CAPT Michael Patterson, USN (Ret.); CAPT James Vandiver, USN (Ret.)

COL Steven Berger, USA

Education: University of Illinois, BS in Engineering, 1993; Cameron University, MBA, 2000

Present Assignment: G2-US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Redstone Arsenal, AL

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 1993; family participates in local OCF study in Madison, AL; served as the OCF area coordinator in Kuwait; in position as Commander of Area Support Group-Kuwait, worked with the chaplain community to support a vibrant chapel community that integrated multi-denominational programs supporting the community; have regularly attended White Sulphur Springs for the last four years and during all PCSs, and with my family consider it to be a “home away from home” for our three children; served on the OCF Council for the last three years, in the areas of finance, audit, and facilities.

Personal Testimony:

I became a Christian on 22 November 1986, while in high school at a youth ministry retreat. My early Christian walk was heavily influenced by some fantastic high school sports coaches, teachers, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

Officers’ Christian Fellowship has provided my family with a Christian family for fellowship and study that augments our church participation. From our involvement with our weekly Bible study, work with the OCF Council, and attending the OCF conference centers, OCF has made a significant impact on our family.

Nominated By: COL Richard Goldsmith, USA (Ret.); COL Robert Jassey, USA (Ret.); LTC John Orosz Jr., USA (Ret.)

2d Lt Colin Bradley, USAF

Education: Clemson University, BS Business Management, 2017

Present Assignment: Contracting/OIC, CE Services Flight at JBSA-Lackland, TX

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2018. I have been involved in the Randolph AFB, TX OCF study due to the influence and hospitality of Nate Loucks and his wife. They reached out to me four days after I moved to San Antonio, so I jumped in right away. I have no doubt that sitting under Nate’s teaching has further equipped me for continued service in military ministry. I have really enjoyed this community and am incredibly grateful for the blessing it has been in my life. Thursday evenings are always a highlight of every week!

I love Spring Canyon! I have attended RMH twice. My first experience was in 2016 just before entering my senior year of college, and the second adventure was in 2018 when I had the opportunity to tag along as a junior mentor. Each experience has been an absolute blast, packed full of adventure, conviction, growth, and genuine friendships. I hope to come back again soon.

I have limited experience in structured and planned evangelism. The majority of my work in this area has been Spirit-led at work or elsewhere if conversation turns to Christ. I definitely have a passion for disciple-making and mentoring. This passion was realized as I began mentoring high school guys throughout my junior and senior years of college. During this season as a youth intern, I lead a small group while intentionally investing time and energy into our relationships. I also carried leadership weight in ROTC. I was committed to pouring my time and resources into the development of younger cadets. It was a joy! Since moving to San Antonio, I have informally mentored some of the youth in my local church. Additionally, I began and now co-lead a group of peers within the same church community.

Personal Testimony:

I grew up in church and knew a lot about the gospel in my head, but I did not know the truth in my heart. During junior year of college my hypocrisy was exposed; I repented of sin and trusted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

As my relationship with Christ deepened in college, I then began to better understand the brokenness around me and grew to appreciate my military calling. Now on active duty, Christ has put me on an eternal mission to engage the souls around me. Nothing excites me more than being an ambassador to six other lieutenants within my squadron! I integrate my faith into my work through my effort and with a heart desire consumed by bringing glory to God.

Nominated By: CDT Anna Bratlee, USAF; 2d Lt James McNamara, USAF; Maj Tim Tormey, USMC (Ret.)

2d Lt Lorraine Cho, USAF - (No information submitted)


Present Assignment:

Ministry Involvement:

Personal Testimony:

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

Nominated By:

RDML Donna Cottrell, USCG

Education: Ohio University, BS Education, 1982; Air Force Institute of Technology, MS Information Resource Management, 2003

Present Assignment: Director, Joint Interagency Task Force West, Halawa, Hawaii

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2015; learned about OCF late in my career when a friend introduced me to Chris Nicewarner who was looking for senior mentors for RMH; served as a mentor for three years beginning in 2013 and was “hooked.”; have been involved in local Bible studies at work on and off since then, as they are available. Also began a women’s Bible study while stationed in Chicago and recently am co-teaching a Bible study at my current assignment; was asked to serve on OCF Council in 2017 and have done so since.

Personal Testimony:

I attended a Methodist church growing up but did not hear about Jesus. I thought being a good person was “enough.” It wasn’t until I was in flight school in 1991 when I heard a sermon on John 3:16 and understood who Jesus was and why I needed Him. Six months later I surrendered my life to Christ.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

God has placed me in authority in a specific time and place to further His kingdom. I pray for the people who work for me as part of my daily quiet time and pray for guidance for the many decisions I face. God has answered me in so many amazing ways. When people are in crisis, I always ask if I can pray for them in the moment – no one has ever said no.

Nominated By: CDR Carl Crabtree, USN (Ret.); LCDR Gordon Hood, USCG; LT James Rader, USCG; LTC Steve Schmidt, USA

MAJ Jennifer Gonser, USA

Education: U.S. Military Academy, Civil Engineering, 2006; Cambridge University, MPhil in Engineering, 2007; University of Illinois (U-C), MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2015

Present Assignment: CGSOC, Fort Leavenworth, KS

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2003; involved in OCF since starting at West Point; co-led Bible studies, involved in women’s ministries, and mentorship while at West Point, both as cadet and professor; have sought out and participated in Bible studies with OCF everywhere I have been stationed; currently co-leading Bible study at West Point.

Additionally, I like showing God’s love in the community, so have been part of food banks/shelters since high school, youth Bible studies, and leading Sunday school classes. Everywhere I am stationed, I always seek out ways to give back to the community. Also, during deployments, I have been shocked at the generosity of Americans to help with my causes, even when they never see the results. Whether it was a mission trip during college, supporting an orphanage in Bulgaria, or a women’s shelter in Kabul, God has used the generosity of His people to show the world a different way of loving and I am grateful that I could be the conduit.

Personal Testimony:

God was part of my family growing up. My mother routinely talked to Him and about Him, making Him real to us. I could no more disbelieve in Him than in my grandparents. Also, even as a child, I knew I wasn’t a “good person,” and the Bible explained why and what to do about it.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission Statement to describe OCF’s ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location. CGSOC is about preparing, so as I equip myself for my next assignment, OCF at Leavenworth is also helping to equip me. The Bible studies and morning fellowships with senior titans of faith model the transition from being an OCF consumer to an OCF leader. They remind us, as Majors, that we are “them.”, having to similarly prepare to be the ones who will take up the mantel of mentors, leaders, and prayer warriors.

Nominated By: MAJ Richard Dwyer, USA; LTC James Harbridge, USA; LTC Thomas Schmidt, USA (Ret.)

Capt Amari Holt, USAF

Education: U.S. Air Force Academy, BS Social Sciences, 2013; University of Maryland University College, MS Digital Forensics, 2017

Present Assignment: Assistant Director of Operations, 10th Intelligence Squadron, Langley AFB, VA

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2013; began my involvement with OCF as a cadet at USAFA in 2010; actively involved in the men’s small group there and regularly visited Spring Canyon for retreats; graduated from USAFA in 2013 and got the awesome opportunity to go back to Spring Canyon and experience RMH with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ; had two assignments from 2013-16, the first as a student at Undergraduate Cyber Training at Keesler AFB, MS, and the second at RAF Alconbury in the UK. While it became more difficult to find OCF groups, I was still involved in the ministry and led small life groups at my local church. Currently, I attend a weekly OCF Bible study at Langley AFB, VA and lead a life group at my local church.

Personal Testimony:

I am grateful to have experienced the knowledge of Christ’s grace as a young boy growing up in a Christian family. It’s hard to pinpoint the time and place I came to know Jesus as my personal Savior. However, as a cadet at USAFA, my involvement with OCF and Christian friendships helped my faith grow even more.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

We have been very blessed in the Hampton Roads region to have a strong community of believers that look out for one another and manifest OCF’s mission to “engage military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service”. With events such as weekly Bible studies, retreats to White Sulphur Springs, and an annual regional picnic, OCF in Hampton Roads fosters an environment where military leaders feel welcome to fellowship with one another in Christ.

Nominated By: Lt Col Carol Steiner, USAFR (Ret.); Dr. Samuel Tate; Maj Timothy Tormey, USMC (Ret.); Lt Col Stephen Wade, USAF (Ret.)

Maj James (Tripp) Johnson, USAF

Education: U.S. Air Force Academy, BS Astronautical Engineering, 2006; Oklahoma State University, MBA, 2012; Air University, Masters of Military Operational Art and Science, 2018

Present Assignment: Special Operations Command South, Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2016; co-leader of the Homestead OCF group, meeting weekly for Bible study; have previously been part of OCF fellowships at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL and Hurlburt Field, FL. The other leader of our OCF group is a close friend and the chaplain for my command, Special Operations Command South; have helped him and the chaplain’s assistant in organizing support for the Chapman Partnership, a local homeless ministry, serving lunch and painting several rooms of their facility; helped him recruit service members for a weekly command Bible study he started; also encouraged the reserve chaplains on the base who are working to resurrect a dormant program without much funding or manpower. My family has attended Summer R&R at White Sulphur Springs and Summer Celebration at Spring Canyon.

I always try to be evangelizing/discipling/mentoring someone. Right now, it’s my workout partner who is disillusioned with Christianity because of his upbringing in the Catholic church. Last year, I met with two agnostic friends each week to study Josh McDowell’s book, More Than a Carpenter. I’ve also been fortunate at almost every assignment to find godly men who are willing to disciple me.

I was involved in The Navigator’s military ministry at USAFA and Sheppard AFB, TX; participated in or led small-group Bible studies all over the world during seven deployments; have participated in several short-term mission trips in the U.S. and Morocco; serve in the children’s ministry and helping to start an orphan care ministry at our local church.

Personal Testimony:

God has used the faithful example of my parents, grandparents, and Christian leaders to draw me to Himself. By His grace, I placed my faith in Jesus Christ during a Christian summer camp at a young age. I have done nothing to earn God’s favor and am incredibly thankful for the sanctifying work He continues to do in me.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

The first person I met at Homestead Air Reserve Base was a fellow OCF member I found through the website. Since the base didn’t have any Bible studies at the time, we began meeting for one-on-one accountability and started a weekly gathering for biblical fellowship. Just last week, two non-Christians joined our group to begin investigating the gospel. My hope is that God will use Homestead OCF to develop Christ-like leaders that will radically impact our community for His glory.

Nominated By: MAJ Seth George, USA; Maj Daniel Kaiser, USMC; Lt Col Greg Steeger, USAF; Capt David Steinour, USAF; Maj Timothy Tormey, USMC (Ret.)

Col Michael Moyles, USAF (Ret.)

Education: University of Portland, BS Computer Science, 1994; Webster University, MA Information Resources Management, 1998; Naval Postgraduate School, MS Space Systems Engineering, 2006; Biola University, MA Christian Apologetics, 2014; Air War College, MA National

Present Assignment: Retired

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2011; led OCF chapter at Maxwell AFB, AL and Randolph AFB, TX; supported chaplain ministries through OCF and chapel lunches, deployed spouses’ dinners, and squadron chaplain services during multiple commands; taught Sunday school and led small groups in local churches for 13 years; served in AWANA, as youth minister in IL; attendee at both Spring Canyon and White Sulphur Springs; involved in community groups to include American Cancer Society, cancer support groups, and guest speaker at Kiwanis, Rotary, local fundraisers, and JROTC groups; have served on my local church planning and constitution committee, 2006-08; currently serving on the OCF Council since 2016; regularly speak and teach apologetics and have an active blog where I answer questions regarding Christian doctrine and apologetics. I am squarely focused on equipping other believers to effectively articulate what they believe and why they believe it, and helping them overcome basic objections to the Christian faith.

Personal Testimony:

I was raised in a Christian home but strayed in college. Two wonderful men, both OCF leaders, brought me back to Christ, after which I fell in love with not only Jesus but also the woman who is now my wife. I have been devoted to both Jesus Christ and my wife ever since and hope to spend my life serving God and my family.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

I have been an OCF member for almost 20 years, and OCF has impacted me positively at every single duty station.  Even when I was a very new Christian, and even when things like “Biblical fellowship” and “Christ-like service” were not priorities in my life, fellow OCF members and leaders demonstrated those qualities to me and made me hungry for them. As I progressed through the ranks to what I considered a “military leader,” OCF was always there for me, demonstrating Christian principles and a Biblical worldview, all the way through to my promotion to Colonel and my service on the Council. This organization truly lives and demonstrates its mission!

Nominated By: COL Richard Goldsmith, USA (Ret.); LT James Rader, USCG; LTC Steve Schmidt, USA

CAPT Arthur (AJ) Reiss, USN

Education: U.S. Naval Academy, BS, 1990; Naval Postgraduate School, MS, 1999

Present Assignment: Military Deputy, Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 1998; involved in OCF fellowships at NPS Monterey, CA, 1997-99; NAS Whidbey Island, WA, 2003-05; Pentagon, 2012-15, and currently an area coordinator in the NCR. ASHORE: taught Sunday School and led Marriage Retreats/Studies (2-3 times/yr) at NS Pearl Harbor, HI, 1994-97; Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA 1997-99; NS Mayport, FL, 2000-02; JRB Belle Chasse (New Orleans), LA, 2012-14; facilitated weekly prayer meeting at Pentagon Chapel, 2012-15. AFLOAT: attended chapel and led Bible study for COMSTRIKEGRU THREE/USS CARL VINSON 2002-2005; attended White Sulphur Springs (WSS) events; WSS Mentor Couple for Summer R&R; WSS Advisory Committee, 2018-present

Involved in workplace and community evangelizing/discipling/mentoring — “I am not ashamed of the Gospel!”; Christian mentor of two senior officers; discipling Serbian immigrant; dictating, recording, and reviewing God’s Big Picture book for unchurched and unsaved neighbor; leading a father and son, men to men, and men to boys mentoring program (Christian Service Brigade) in my church; co-lead Christian embassy – affiliated workplace Bible study at current duty station, Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA; active in Washington, D.C. Association of Christian Counseling and Teaching Services (ACCTS) ministry.

Personal Testimony:

I grew up “religious”, overachieving, and successful (or so I thought). Through a struggling marriage and a faithful chapel Bible study, I was convicted that I needed to know Jesus personally to be able to follow Him, and so I committed my life to Jesus as Lord and Savior over 26 years ago (and remember my commitment daily!)

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

Military Christians are dispersed in the National Capital Region, so I find workplace Bible study and one-on-one mentoring as the most effective means of engaging and equipping military leaders. I co-lead my workplace Bible study and focus on equipping with truth to bring to bear on issues of morality and faith in our profession. I mentor two junior officers and focus on equipping them as husbands, fathers, and professional officers that are standard bearers of morality, competence, and servant-leadership.

Nominated By: CDR Joseph Chiaravallotti, USN (Ret.); COL John Demko, USA (Ret.); LTC John Hoyman, USAR; Maj Matthew McWhirter, USAF; LTC Paul Robyn, USA (Ret.)

CDR Dennis Wischmeier, USN

Education: George Washington University, BA, 2001; Naval Postgraduate School, MBA, 2009

Present Assignment: EUCOM’s Chief of Senate Congressional Affairs, Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 1999; started George Washington University NROTC OCF and have been involved with OCF ever since; led OCF groups in Hawaii and Washington state and have been a member of multiple other groups; attended White Sulphur Springs too many times to count, and my oldest child has been a youth leader at WSS for a number of years. Aside from OCF, I’ve led and continue to do so, multiple Bible studies and small groups, and have been a church deacon for five years.

Personal Testimony:

I grew up in a Christian home and community but refined my beliefs and truly would say I began to follow Christ on my own during my USMC boot camp and enlisted time. ROTC OCF retreats and my college OCF group were paramount in preparing me for Christian followership and leadership.

Use either the OCF Vision or Mission statements to describe OCF's ministry in your personal life integrated at your current assignment or location.

I love the OCF mission statement segment, “…intersection of faith, family and profession” because God has called us to a career in the military and to be Christians! OCF’s ministry is a faithful presence of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, around the world, at most bases, and outposts! Our life is integrated in this mission to impact the world for Christ!

Nominated By: Brig Gen Jeff Hurlbert, USAF; COL Charlie Kim, USA; LTC Paul Robyn, USA (Ret.)

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