What is Stewardship?

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In Part 1, we ask: What do you think of when you hear someone mention stewardship? Money, talents, or ownership? For many, money is the first thing on their minds and that often leads to uncomfortable feelings.

Creating Your Financial Plan

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In Part 3, financial goals are the basis of personal financial planning. A great many people are working hard to save and invest, but do not have a plan, or at least not one sufficiently specific to assess progress.

Investing & Markets

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In Part 5, to get beyond tithing and on to gifting you need to multiply His blessings. This is the purpose of investing, and the better we do it, the more we can give back to His work.

Smart Christian Giving

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In Part 6, God expects us to use what we need then multiply and return the rest. The blessings of stewardship are in the giving. Knowing when and how to do it is our responsibility.

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