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Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by OCF Communications

Anchor Points takes place during Summer R&R #2 with all the same activities and fun for you and your family.

About the Topic:

Anchor Points grows vision for military ministry and calls us to renewed obedience for the work God has given military Christians. Anchor Points starts with the history and organization of OCF, seeks to develop our thinking in the Scriptures, then moves into practical ways Christians live in and around the military community. Participants increase in love for one another and spur one another forward in obedience to God’s Word. Anchor Points is an equipping week open to all Christian military singles, couples, and families.

About the Speaker:

Hous and his wife Tami are both graduates of the USAF Academy, they have raised nine children, and they are now grandparents. Each Waring child considered OCF’s Conference Centers a type of home during their 25 years when they were Christ’s ambassadors in the military community. Early in marriage Hous and Tami wrote down a vision statement that helped frame family priorities, commitments and decisions. The Warings now serve as OCF’s Director of Field Operations.

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