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Last Updated on December 21, 2021 by OCF Communications

Collaborate with current and potential leaders of local OCF fellowships as we dive into the newly revised OCF Handbook, a resource to support a member-led approach to military ministry.

Based on concepts in this new handbook, White Sulphur Springs’ OCF Local Leader Conference 2022’s plenary sessions and optional workshops serve as an opportunity for leaders to exchange lessons learned in the field.

See how your grassroots ministry efforts connect with OCF’s Strategic Framework goals moving forward. Learn how OCF is revitalizing its ministry model by developing roles like that of the Regional Coordinator. Explore the relationships between member-led fellowships & chaplains, and discuss what makes OCF stand out in a sea of small group ministries. These conversations and more await all participants of this year’s conference.

Just as individuals make up the broader OCF ministry, individuals make up each conference experience. Join us this January as we inspire a new generation of members equipped to serve and lead wherever God has placed them.

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