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Pastor Greg St. Cyr: “1 Peter: Precious Grace Amidst Suffering”

About the speaker: Pastor Greg St. Cyr has a passion for global missions and the local church. He spent 13 years with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) where he met his wife of 36 years, Mary Kaye. Greg served as a missionary for 8 years in Poland largely during communist days. For the last 26 years, he has served as the lead pastor of Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis whose global ministry extends throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry in missions from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He and his wife have four grown children and six grandchildren.

About the topic: As followers of Jesus, few have a “theology of suffering.” For most, we see persecution and suffering as a threat. Hardships and difficulties are viewed as the enemy. Yet could it be that our sovereign God actually fulfills His purposes in the midst of suffering? 1 Peter is written on the eve of Nero’s persecution in which great trials engulfed the church. Yet through it, God refines our character, instructs us in how to live, and uses us to further His purposes in the world. In these sessions we will walk through 1 Peter and be transformed as we embrace God’s grace in suffering.

Concurrent Programs Available: Horsemanship Day Camp (ages 8+), Camp Caleb Day Camp on July 13th (2nd-3rd grade), Camp Caleb Adventure (5th-6th grade), Camp Caleb Challenge (7th-8th grade), and Allegheny Outback! Advanced (11th-12th grade)

Horsemanship Day Camp is a great opportunity for kids (ages 8+) attending our Summer R&R program to learn more about horses. Our Wranglers teach aspiring equestrians basic horse anatomy, the essentials of riding equipment, techniques for tacking and grooming a horse, walking and trotting instructions for beginners, and then they’ll all hit the trails to gain real-world experience! Daily devotionals throughout the experience will focus on the lessons we can learn from one of God’s most majestic creatures.

A five-day traditional summer camp program with age-specific programs for rising 2nd-8th graders, Camp Caleb brings military youth into an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to strengthen their own family and peer relationships, and to prepare them for standing for Jesus Christ as teenagers.

A six-day program for rising 9th graders through recent high school graduates, Allegheny Outback! challenges teens to develop their very own personal knowledge of God by modeling Christ in real-life situations with plenty of adventure along the way. For this particular week of the summer, however, we are instead offering the new Allegheny Outback! Advanced program, available only to rising juniors and seniors who have previously experienced Allegheny Outback!. This new Allegheny Outback! Advanced adventure provides the perfect challenge to develop teens’ leadership skills through a variety of opportunities with their fellow campers.

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