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Dr. Del Tackett, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.): “The Engagement Project”

About the speaker: Dr. Tackett served over twenty years on active duty in the United States Air Force, including four years on the faculty of Air University and as Deputy Commander of the 47th Communications Group supporting the multinational NORAD command. He also served on the White House staff during the George H. W. Bush Administration, and as Director of Technical Planning for the National Security Council. He served as Senior Vice President of Focus on the Family and President of Focus on the Family Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. He Dr. Tackett developed and is the speaker of the Truth Project. He lectures extensively on developing a Christian world view and America’s Christian heritage for Summit Ministries and at conferences and churches around the country.

While Del was working in national security at the White House under US President George H. W. Bush, the Lord began breaking his heart for the state of the nation and the church. He was burdened that so many believers had lost their biblical worldview—they weren’t looking at the world around them through the lens of Scripture.

After leaving the White House, Del helped start a seminary where the founders hoped to begin addressing these shortcomings. To systematically teach a biblical worldview, Del compiled a comprehensive curriculum that became the basis for the Truth Project, a DVD curriculum distributed by Focus on the Family.

About the topic: In the Engagement Project, Dr. Tackett answers two important questions, Why did Jesus leave? and Why does God send? The answers to these questions may turn your world right-side up. In this new series, Dr. Del Tackett takes us on a series of worldview tours that reveal God’s endgame for all of us… what He is after. You’ll discover God’s world-changing mission for yourself and for your family and that Jesus has told us exactly what He wants us to do. In the Engagement Project, you’ll learn why & how this will change everything.

Find out more about the Engagement Project here.

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