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Roc & Bev Bottomly: “Building a Thriving Marriage”

About the speaker: Roc and Bev Bottomly have been providing marriage training nationally and internationally to both singles and couples for the past 20 years. Roc is a USAFA ’69 grad who majored in Astronautical Engineering. After graduation, Roc received his M.S. at Purdue, finished UPT, and served as a flight instructor in T-37’s and a transport pilot in C-141’s. Bev grew up in southern California. She trusted Christ in college; and after graduating, she joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) where was the first staff woman in their military ministry. Soon after graduation, Roc met Bev; and after a lengthy long distance friendship (Georgia to California), Roc finally “awoke” and they married. After completing military commitment, Roc graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, and spent the next 35 years as the Senior Pastor of four churches and the Senior Fellow for Marriage Studies at the Focus on the Family Institute in Colorado Springs. In 2016, Roc “retired,” and he continues to work with Focus on the Family providing marriage training to Arabic speaking pastors in the Middle East and coaching to pastors, ministry leaders and young businessmen in Oklahoma City. Roc and Bev have been married since 1974. They have our grown children and thirteen grandchildren.

About the topic: As all know well, the pressures on military medical marriages can be enormous. The combination of long hours, heavy workloads, difficult work situations, promotion requirements and repeated deployments can take a heavy toll on the best of marriages. This year the theme will be “Building a Thriving Marriage” and the sessions will provide an opportunity to heal your bruises, refocus your direction, and rekindle your passion. Whatever the state of your marriage – from “Really Good” to “Struggling Mightily” – come join us, and give your marriage the opportunity to really thrive.

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