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Last Updated on April 29, 2022 by OCF Communications

Lt Gen Bruce Fister, USAF (Ret.): “Welcome Home”: Your Journey of Faith

About the Topic: The coming 60th anniversary of the acquisition of Spring Canyon is our celebration of how the Lord has blessed this conference center and all who have attended over these many years. How many times have you or others been “Welcomed Home” to Spring Canyon to join family, grow in your faith, be encouraged to walk as a follower of Jesus, and deepen your trust in our Lord so you can continue to be His hands and feet in your family, our military and throughout the world? The “Welcome Home” series will recount the journeys of faith at Spring Canyon and incorporate the history into the deep lessons of God’s Word.

About the Speaker: Bruce Fister reigns from Cincinnati, Ohio, was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force for over 32 years, commanded multiple units, and has had leadership roles in global military operations and in Christian nonprofit organizations. His wife Melissa of over 57 years is a high school sweetheart who has supported him since he graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1964. Bruce has commanded multiple military organizations and has visited every continent in the world, and he and Melissa have lived in Europe and visited countries from Europe to the Pacific. He has been in business, and perhaps most important, served as Executive Director of Officers’ Christian Fellowship for 10 years. The sparkle in their eyes is their two sons, their wives, and three grandchildren. Bruce and Melissa reside in Niceville, Florida. Bruce is the President of the Robert and Christine Steinmann Family Foundation and serves as a Coxswain in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Read about his experience leading OCF at www.growingandbuilding.com.

Concurrent Program Available: Father Teen Adventure (parents and teens between the ages of 14 and 19)

Whether you are a father or teenager, living life as a family in our fast-paced, “plugged-in” culture is not always an easy task. Constant busyness and a tremendous volume of messaging from outside influences can easily sidetrack us from deep relationships, both in our walk as Christians and in our relationships with our family. Sometimes we need to unplug from our daily routine and spend some time in a different and challenging environment both to deepen relationships between dads and teenage sons or daughters and to help facilitate the important transition from teenager to grown men and women. Father Teen Adventure is a unique program that was developed to help fathers and teens meet this need.

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