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Keith Peck: “Daniel: Engaging a Polarized, Hostile Culture as Salt, Light & the Aroma of Christ”

About the Topic: In our current cultural moment, outrage has become more expected than surprising, more normative than odd, more encouraged than discouraged, more rewarded than rejected. Outrage over election “fraud”, COVID politicized government “overreach”, mask & vaccine mandates, “social justice”, LGBQT legislation. We no longer discuss. We rage, cancel and shame…too often mean-spirited and quick-triggered. In this culture of outrage, Bono, the front man for the rock band U2 warned, “We must be careful in our efforts to confront the monster not to ourselves become the monster.” So how do we engage this culture with a different spirit, the Spirit of Christ, and become the kingdom-influencers and culture-shapers we are called to be? Daniel illustrates God’s answer to that question.

About the Speaker: Keith has served OCF as a conference speaker for the past 38 years. He recently retired after 45 years of pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church of America. Thirty of those years he and Gale served in Annapolis, MD, ministering to and with the Navigator, Cru and OCF staff at the US Naval Academy. Keith has been married to Gale, his ministry partner, for 48 years. Keith & Gale have five children and seventeen grandchildren.

Concurrent Program Available: Father Teen Adventure (parents and teens between the ages of 14 and 19)

Whether you are a father or teenager, living life as a family in our fast-paced, “plugged-in” culture is not always an easy task. Constant busyness and a tremendous volume of messaging from outside influences can easily sidetrack us from deep relationships, both in our walk as Christians and in our relationships with our family. Sometimes we need to unplug from our daily routine and spend some time in a different and challenging environment both to deepen relationships between dads and teenage sons or daughters and to help facilitate the important transition from teenager to grown men and women. Father Teen Adventure is a unique program that was developed to help fathers and teens meet this need.

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