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Last Updated on May 16, 2019 by OCF Communications

Work Party
Speaker: Col Michael Moyles, USAF (Ret.)
Guest Ambassador: CH(COL) Jesse and Mary Staunton, COARNG
Over the decades, multi-faceted ministry at OCF conference centers has left a life-changing mark upon others for Christ. Here’s a great, unique opportunity for leaving your mark in that continuing kingdom work for God upon others. To make Spring Canyon the best experience possible for years to come, we will be cleaning up the conference center and doing a variety of projects around camp.
* Those who wish to join the work party will work after breakfast and after lunch till mid-afternoon, with a few hours of free time until dinner.
* There will be a few evening sessions, no children’s or teen programs. Only limited babysitting will be available during the week.
* Guests 13 years and older who work at least 30 hours during the week—your week’s FREE.
* Family members who wish to come but not work, will have a 50% discount applied to their reservation.

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