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Valentine’s Getaway 2022 Theme: “Let’s Pray About That!”

We all need prayer! Why is it that offering prayer for a friend seems easier than praying with our spouse? The Lord inhabits the prayers of His people, empowering us with His Holy Spirit. This is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. When married couples pray together, the power doubles. Imagine marriages that cover everything in prayer and fully trust the Father to move on their behalf. During this year’s Valentine’s Getaway, we will actively read Scripture, observe the Word, make applications to our lives, and get excited about praying together as couples. Our hope is that your marriages will be enriched and strengthened through prayer while seeking and glorifying God daily with each other.

Join us for a weekend of encouragement, fellowship, and activities. A children’s program is provided while you participate in the speaker sessions. The program will begin with dinner on Friday evening at 6 p.m. and extend through lunch on Monday. Saturday evening will include a date night dinner and couples evening. Bring nice clothes (smart casual) for that evening.

Speakers: Doug & Michelle Orsi

Married 32 years, Doug and Michelle Orsi, continue to seek God and grow together in the Lord. Blessed with two children, Joshua, 21, pursuing his graduate degree in DC, and their daughter, Sedona, 13, happily homeschooled and engaged in many activities. Both Michelle and Doug served as Army officers; Doug retiring after 30 years in 2018. They came to know the Lord in their mid-thirties and thank God for His purposeful placement of people who made profound impacts on their Christian journey.

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