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Chaplain Marc Gauthier, COL (USA, Ret): “The Slippery Art of Contentment”

About the Topic: Our hearts long for contentment yet it seems so elusive, so slippery. Jeremiah Burroughs defines Christian contentment as, “that sweet, inward, quiet, gracious frame of spirit, which freely submits to and delights in God’s wise and fatherly disposal in every condition.” How do we get it and keep it? Where and who does it come from? During our sessions we will discover that key to contentment is learning to say “yes” to life’s biggest question, “Is God enough for you?”

About the Speaker: Marc serves as the Pastor for Mentoring and Leadership Development at Lake City Community Church in Lakewood, WA where one of his primary roles is men’s discipleship. He served as an Army Chaplain for 26 years deploying twice to Iraq, once to Afghanistan, and once to Kuwait as the Command Chaplain for Operation Inherent Resolve. Since military retirement in 2018, he has engaged in overseas leadership development training of pastors in Ethiopia, Egypt, Zambia, and Kenya. He also serves as the Chaplaincy Endorser for his denomination. Marc is married to Christa for 33 years. They have four kids and four kids-in-law. Marc served three terms on the OCF Council and has spoken numerous times at White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon.

Concurrent Programs Available: Camp Caleb Junior (3rd-4th grade), Camp Caleb Adventure (5th-6th grade), Camp Caleb Challenge (7th-8th grade), and Allegheny Outback! (9th-12th grade)

A five-day traditional summer camp program with age-specific programs for rising 2nd-8th graders, Camp Caleb brings military youth into an authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to strengthen their own family and peer relationships, and to prepare them for standing for Jesus Christ as teenagers.

A six-day program for rising 9th graders through recent high school graduates, Allegheny Outback! challenges teens to develop their very own personal knowledge of God by modeling Christ in real-life situations with plenty of adventure along the way.

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