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Speaker: Jed Robyn

Topic: “Ephesians: Field Manual for Kingdom Living”

About the Topic: This Christmas, as we honor and celebrate the incarnation of Christ and all that He has made available to us as Christians, we will explore one of the most remarkable epistles in the New Testament: The letter of Ephesians. Ephesians is a power packed letter full of wisdom, revelation, and practical applications for disciples of Jesus Christ. The truth of these scriptures is invaluable to equip, train, and empower us as we seek to serve the Lord and shine the light of His Kingdom in this hour of world history. As we head towards a new year, come and join us as we explore this amazing letter together and grow in our understanding of who God is, who we are as individuals, the identity and purpose of the Ekklesia (Church), God’s order and plan for marriage and family, and how to achieve and sustain victory in spiritual warfare.

About the Speaker: Jed has a B.A. in Psychology, a M.Ed in Student Affairs, and is an ordained minister by Glasgow Farm Church. Over his career, he has served in various roles in counseling, student development, business, and ministry. He has been a follower of Christ for over 30 years and has ministered in the US, Canada, the UK, Israel, Asia, and Africa. He has been a husband and father for almost 25 years, and lives with his family in Fredericksburg, VA. In addition to regional ministry work, Jed runs a business with his wife and daughter called Freedom Society. His passion is to disciple believers and help them grow in their understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom, the restoration of Israel, the power of reconciliation, and equip them in their unique calling in the Body of Christ.

About Winter Retreat at WSS: The Christmas season is special anywhere, but we take great joy in hosting guests during Christmas and New Year’s at White Sulphur Springs. The stunning mountains covered with snow, the tables laden with warm food, the hotels decorated in the spirit of the holiday season, and the meaningful connections made between families and friends make Winter Retreats unlike any other season throughout the year. Many guests who live the ever-transient military lifestyle join us year after year, and we’re honored to be a place families have made part of their holiday tradition. Click here to learn more about what to expect at Winter Retreat.

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