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WSS’ Summer R&R #1

Lt Col Paul Homan, USAF (Ret.), PhD: “Science and the Bible”: Science is often upheld in our society today as the ultimate truth. As Christians, we know the ultimate source for truth is God’s Word (John 17:17).

WSS’ Summer R&R #2

LTC Dan Hart, USA: “Loving Like God in a Broken World”: "Break through cliché views of love and realize that as sons and daughters adopted into God’s family, the love of God expressed through Jesus imbues us with innate worth, calls us to grow, and empowers us for action.”

WSS’ Summer R&R #3

Pastor Keith Peck: “Living Wisely in an Age of Folly”: Multiple sources for knowledge abound at our fingertips today - Google, social media, AI - yet we live in an “Age of Folly”. Like the prophet Jeremiah’s day, right is called wrong, wrong is called right, and God’s wisdom is called foolishness.

WSS’ Summer R&R #4

Dr. Michael Sprague: “How to talk about Jesus in a 'salty way'”: What is your level of "hope" for these challenging days? Are you managing life's challenges with courage and confidence in God? Does life sometimes seem perplexing and hard to figure out?

WSS’ Summer R&R #5

CH Michael Will, USA (Ret.): “A Faithful Approach to Hardship and Suffering”: Whether personal plights tied to physical or emotional pain, corporate concerns surrounding cultural conflicts within the body of Christ, or transcending temporal matters altogether with a view to eternal realities, a faithful approach to hardship and suffering is essential.

WSS’ Summer R&R #6

Pastor Chris Plekenpol: “Exodus: Journey to Promise”: Pastor Plek walks through the journey of Moses leading the Israelites out of bondage.

WSS’ Summer R&R #7

COL John and Judy Rossi, USA (Ret.): “Enhancing Your Marriage: The Power of the 90-Degree Dynamic”: Do you know that your marriage relationship depends on more than just two people? The reality for every Christian couple is that five persons are involved.

WSS’ Summer R&R #8

COL Bobby Little, USA (Ret.): "Living a Biblical Worldview": How to live out a Christian Worldview in your profession, family, church, and neighborhood in the midst of an increasingly hostile post-modern culture.

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