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Regional Coordinators

Central Regional Coordinator: Col Houston and Tami Waring, USAF (Ret). Email: [email protected]  

 5. Coordinators /  Alabama

Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator: CDR Joseph Chiaravallotti, USN (Ret) & CDR Kristi Chiaravallotti, NC, USN (Ret). Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

 5. Coordinators /  DC & National Capital Region

Mountain Central Regional Coordinator: COL Steve and Miriam Shambach, USA (Ret). Email: [email protected]

 5. Coordinators /  Colorado

Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator: Col Larry and Bobbie Simpson, USAF (Ret). Email: [email protected]

 5. Coordinators /  Washington

Southeast Regional Coordinator: CAPT Chris and Maggie Blake, USN (Ret). Email: [email protected]

 5. Coordinators /  Florida - East

Submarine Community Coordinator: LT Will Parker, USN Email [email protected], Phone: 720-341-6672 Mission: To encourage and equip submariners to bear witness to the gospel within the submarine force by connecting them...

 5. Coordinators