Host: Capt Christie Lee, USAF, Email:, Cell: (630) 352-9997, Willing to host a Bible study.

 Host /  Alexandria

Hosts: CDR Richard & Carol Zahn, USNR (Ret), Email:, Phone: (616) 205-1100, We can accommodate 10 people, location is...

 Host, United States Groups and Contacts /  Grand Rapids

Hosts: Shaun & Nathalie Chauta,Capt, USAF, Email:, Cell: (478) 951-6091, We can accommodate 20 guests.

 Host /  Robins Air Force Base

Host: CPT Aaron and Darla Spence, USA, Email:, Cell: (910) 603-9837, Host Notes: We can accommodate approximately 10, My...

 Host /  Aberdeen Proving Ground (Phillips AAF)