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October 2022 Prayer Focus

Chaplains bear a tremendous weight in caring for the spiritual and moral well-being of service members and their families in a unique lifestyle that includes frequent moves, deployment, and combat stress. There are doors of great opportunity for God to be glorified as OCFers step out to support the chaplaincy by reaching out to their chaplains.

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September 2022 Prayer Focus

Unless we are focused on God and His truth, alert to the temptations we personally struggle with, and vigilant of worldly lies and lures to kill, steal, and destroy our Christian faith, we are just as vulnerable to slide into compromise and right into God’s judgment.

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Balancing relationships and Bible study in a small group

In this episode of OCF Crosspoint, JB Kump shares what has made small groups so impactful in his own life, practical tips for those interested in leading small groups, how his passion for those local fellowships led to his current post-military career, and more.

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Learning from the VMI ministry model to reach Generation Z

Today’s conversation explores a predominant topic of discussion among cadets and college students across the country today: anxiety. CH(COL) Bob Phillips, USA (Ret.), shares how he uses relationships and group Bible studies to address anxiety and point cadets back to Christ.

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Embracing GRACE relations in the body of Christ

To say race relations is a complex issue is an understatement, and every facet of this topic cannot be covered in just one episode. So, we started here: How do I minister to the person in front of me who’s hurting from an ethnic or cultural incident?

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July 2022 Prayer Focus

The lure in humanity’s fallen nature to be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and without restraint tends to only feed that bent of human nature we all struggle with—the “freedom” of my way.

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