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This session focuses on two areas in which the integration of faith is applied “on-mission” for God within the family domain. Those areas are discipleship within the home (both in children and in adults) and to impact in surrounding community (in Christian witness and in service to others). The main point of this session is that family life is to be lived on Gospel mission both within the nuclear family and among those the family touches.

This domain is further divided into the following subdomains.

  • Challenges and Opportunities of Deployments: Helping military families deal with the stress of transitions due to deployments.
  • Family as a Force Multiplier: A family growing and living through faith in Christ bears fruit for Christ–often more than we can on our own.
  • Financial Stewardship: Importance of and practical steps to managing financial resources.
  • Discipling within the Family: We are charged with leading our family as Christ leads the church.
  • Military Kids: 3rd Culture Kids: Supporting children as they encounter the unique challenges of being in a military family.
  • Relocations: Helping military families deal with the stress of transitions due to new assignments and PCS moves.
  • The Military Spouse: Helping the military spouse understand his/her environment, role, and significance within a military lifestyle.

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Watch the video presentation for this session first. You can also download a copy of the video and a PDF of the narrative for the video. After completing the video, scroll down to “Go Deeper on These Topics” section to further explore the subdomains tied to this domain.

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Go deeper on these topics

We’ve assembled an assortment of resources to help you enrich your study of Faith & Family. Select from among these subdomains to explore further.

Challenges and Opportunities of Deployment
Discipling Within the Family
Family as a Force Multiplier
Financial Stewardship
The Military Spouse
Military Kids: Third Culture Kids

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